TV Call Display outage (Atlantic Canada).

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TV Call Display outage (Atlantic Canada).

Is anyone else fed up with going almost 2 months now with this issue?   We depend on it to screen out calls (since our handsets dont have display).


I called a couple weeks ago and the automated attendent clearly said "we are having dificulty with TV call display in Atlantic Canada......IF you have allready reset your box and are still having issues please stay on the line." 


So I stayed on the bounced between Phone and Cable support....twice...and 40 minutes later was told by a representative that "yea, they are having an outage....nothing I can idea when it will be fixed".  Why on earth was I told to stay on the line....for nothing?!?


This is getting ridiculous....




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Community Manager
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Re: TV Call Display outage (Atlantic Canada).

Remember everyone, for quick assistance with any technical issue feel free to reach out to us on  TwitterIcon.png @RogersHelps or FacebookIcon.png Our team will be happy to assist you in troubleshooting!