TMN, HBO On Demand Not Updating

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TMN, HBO On Demand Not Updating

For the last month TMN, HBO and TMN Express have not been updating with new releases. I have been through customer service, customer relations, tech support, tier 2 tech support and have been given so many excuses it is not funny any more. I just got a call from a high up tech guy wpo told me the problem is wide spread, which is funny because the last high up tech guy told me it wasn't. Now I come in here and see no one else is complaining about it, which leads me to think I was just lied to again. When is too much too much. How many times should I expect to be lied to? DOES ANYONE AT ROGERS ACTUALLY CARE ENOUGH TO TELL THE TRUTH. FIX THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!




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Re: TMN, HBO On Demand Not Updating

Unfortunately your preaching to the wrong chior here.. 😞  We are all just users, so no one here can really do anything


There is specific groups which do the RoD, etc content, etc.. but there is no real way of contacting them directly... and good luck getting info through to them from anywhere else.


While i more than think it is likely something rogers end.. it CAN be the providers end.  They are the ones in control of what rogers can and can not put on On Demand.

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Re: TMN, HBO On Demand Not Updating

Like Gdkitty said, we're just Rogers customers trying to be helpful. Even the Rogers staff here are just moderators, not tech support. At the bottom of the screen you'll find links to contact Rogers directly.

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Re: TMN, HBO On Demand Not Updating

HBO on Demand offers different options on different set top boxes


I have had a strange problem with my HBO on Demand service for the past few months (reported as ticket number CT08742754 if any Rogers employees reading this care to investigate). I reported the problem on November 19th.


In my living room, using my HD PVR, when I go to HBO on Demand and look at HD shows, I see about 30 shows available, including the few I like (The Knick, Real Time with Bill Maher, Last Week Tonight, ...). All is as expected.


In my basement, in front of my exercise machine, on the HD box that is not a PVR, the same sequence produces a list of only about a dozen shows, excluding all the ones I am really interested in.


When I reported this, I was aksed to reboot my set top box to see if that helped. It did not.

Every week or two I get an email from Ropgers thanking me for being patient while they try to fix my problem. There has been no indication of any actualy work or progress.


In December I complained and got a call back, telling me to wait for the new Navigatr which would fix lots of problems, perhaps/probably including this one.


I now have the new Navigatr, and it did not fix this issue.


Has anyone else encountered this or found a solution? I see no indication that Rogers is interested in trying to fix the problem.


I would like to be able to watch any/all of the HBO shows available on HBO on Demand while exercising. And I hate exerc ising so much that I need shows to watch to distract me! Rogers service appears to be bad for my health!