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TIPS: Windows Phone 7.5 TIPS

I Plan to Stick Around

There seems to be a number of undocumented tips for WP7.8.

Thought I would share a few and see if anyone has any to add:

1) when a notification pops up at the top of your screen (I.e. New txt msg) it takes a few seconds to disappear. If you want the screen space sooner, swipe the notification to the left.

2) when in Explorer, surfing for example, it is convenient to know the time and more importantly signal strength if the page is not loading. In IE pressing the (...) will display the status bar. clicking the (...) and holding and swiping up will display the bar and allow you to close it again

Please add more and share.

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Re: TIPS: Windows Phone 7.5 TIPS

I Plan to Stick Around

#2 seems pretty familiar. Get it here by any chance? 😉


Here are some of my favourites:


  • Any text where your accent colour is used generally means that text can be tapped to go somewhere.
  • You know the media controls that pop up when you press a volume button? You can tap the song title here to jump to the Now Playing screen or the app that's streaming the audio.
  • If you don't like the media controls on your lock screen, lock and unlock the phone three times. The buttons will disappear from the lock screen until media is played again.
  • You can force a sync of your email accounts by going to Settings>email + accounts and holding your finger down on the account your want to sync. Choose "sync" from the menu that appears.
  • A lot people don't realize that contact cards have a "history" section. The history section documents all communication you've done with that contact on the phone. It makes it easy to find text messages you sent a month ago. Open the People Hub and choose a contact, then swipe left or right until you get to "History".
  • You can forward a text message by holding your finger down on a message and choosing "forward".
  • In regards to focusing in the camera: If you tap the screen to take a picture, the pictures focuses on the are you tapped. If you use the hardware button to snap the pic, it focuses on the brightest thing in the shot.
  • The Jump letters appear in the app list after you have about 40-45 apps installed. Just like in the Music + Videos and People hub, you can tap these letters to quickly jump around your app list.
  • If you really want Local Scout, go to Settings>region + language and change your Browser + Search Language to English (United States). This also has the side effect of making your Bing search results more geared towards American results and the Local Scout database is not fantastic in Canada. I instead recommend apps such as Yellow Pages Canada or Yelp as replacements.
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