System Problems!!

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System Problems!!

I've been trying to help a friend who's just switched to Rogers Internet and TV and who needs to register online, so she can check usage, etc.  For 3 days now, she gets the message that her account has been "pre-registered" and she should "click here" to get a temporary password.  "Clicking here" only brings up a "trouble with the system" message. 


What the heck is going on - Tv ads tell us Rogers has the best internet and their own site doesn't work? This is very frustrating!


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Re: System Problems!!

The iphone 5 reservations are to blame. Most of the myrogers freatures like usage, etc all in there are not available, etc.
Hopefully this is temporary and they are working on it.
One this is back to normal, you shouldn't really have any problems. Just keep checking back.