Switching from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4s

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Switching from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4s

I have an Iphone 3gs on contract, and my brother gave me his old iphone 4s. I was wondering how I go abouts switching phones, Do I just need to switch SIM cards and thats it? or what? 

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Re: Switching from iPhone 3gs to iphone 4s

Hello Particksw

The iPhone 4S uses a Micro Sim Card. You can buy this at your local Rogers Plus store or any Rogers Authorized dealerships ( Future Shop & Best Buy). It will cost $9.99 + tax.

Once you get the sim card, Call Rogers to add the sim card on to your account. If you buy the sim card at a Rogers, have them add it into your account for you.

You can always add a sim card threw online by logging into My Rogers - Overview - Change Sim Cards.