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Switching from a cracked Z10 to a new Z10 from someone else's.

I've Been Here Awhile

I need help! I have an old blackberry z10 that I got a year ago and earlier today I dropped it and the screen cracked, picture still works but I can't get into it. My dad has the same Blackberry Z10 but he was with bell (I'm with Rogers) but he no longer uses it. Am I able to put my SIM card as well as picture card in his phone without having to go to the Rogers store? Help please!!



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Re: Switching from a cracked Z10 to a new Z10 from someone else's.

I Plan to Stick Around

Unfortunately you will need to unlock the phone to work on Bell. You can pay $50 for rogers to unlock the phone for you. You can go to a 3rd party unlock site and pay ~$15-40 but you have to enter the codes yourself. The media card can be put into his phone no problem. Back up your phone on your computer using the Blackberry Link software then you can restore everything to your new Z10 after you get it unlocked and be up and running quickly.


If you are going to attempt to purchase an unlock code yourself here is a tutorial to on how to enter the code after purchasing it.


Also from experience It usually costs $125-175 to get the screen repaired on a Z10.


You can also purchase one brand new unlocked on Blackberry's website for $199. They are on sale currently.


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