Switching from a Windows Phone to a Bold 9900

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Switching from a Windows Phone to a Bold 9900

Hello everyone!

I am seriously considering switching from using my windows phone to a blackberry 9900 because I like the security that is offered through the RIM network on the legacy Blackberrys.  My question, what about my Windows Phone plan will have to be altered if I switch to a Blackberry so I can access things like data, BBM, and social networking? Also, the phone I will be getting will most likely be unlocked. How do I get it to work with my Rogers SIM card?



Please only serious answers, and no "Simple- Get a Blackberry 10 phone" as I want the security of the pre-Blackberry 10 phones.



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Re: Switching from a Windows Phone to a Bold 9900

Can a Member of the Commuinity please assist with a solution to the question?


Thank you,


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Re: Switching from a Windows Phone to a Bold 9900

The BlackBerry Bold 9900 uses a specific type of data plan called BIS (BlackBerry Internet Service). You'll need to switch to this type of plan to fully enjoy your BlackBerry. Without it, all you'll be able to do is talk and text.


If your Bold 9900 is unlocked, it should work without problem on the Rogers network provided the actual phone you get uses the same radio frequencies used by Rogers. You shouldn't encounter any problems but you won't know until you slap a Rogers SIM in it and try.


As for "I want the security of the pre-BlackBerry 10 phones", who told you that BB10 phones are not secure? The only real difference between them and the older legacy devices (such as the Bold 9900) is the lack of data compression. Otherwise, they're comparable.


Once you get your new phone, visit www.deviceswitch.com from your old phone's browser and your new phone's to get everything switched over effortlessly.



Let us know if that helps you.  🙂