Switching from Blackberry to Iphone.

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Switching from Blackberry to Iphone.

Hi, I currently have the Blackberry Curve (9300) and I'm currently on a three year contract - unlimited social networking I believe what it was called. I was just wondering, if I'm still on contract and I switch my phone from a Blackberry to an Iphone 4s, would I still retain the features that come with my plan. Also I heard that the sim would not be able to fit, and would required to be cut to fit in the slot of Iphone. Will it cost anything?


PS -- I'm planning to buy my Iphone 4s at the Apple Store.


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Re: Switching from Blackberry to Iphone.


All the features on your plan will still work on any other device. I have a blackberry plan and using a iPhone and a Xperia S with no issues at all.
As for the sim card yea, you need a micro sim card in order to use the iPhone. Since you are buying the iPhone from the Apple Store, they will give you one for free. If they do not, a normal micro sim card will cost around $11 dollars. ($9.99 +tax)

Hope this helps.
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Re: Switching from Blackberry to Iphone.

Once you get your new sim card you will need to either go to the my rogers portal and change your sim card or just call into rogers and get them to change it over.