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Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

I Plan to Stick Around


I am once again a Rogers TV subscriber.  I live in downtown Toronto.  I am using the Skinny cable package and it suits me fine.  I also, once again, elected to rent a NextBox 4642, same as last time I was a member.  But then I thought, why not buy a used Next Box, and save the monthly rental fee?  I went on Kijiji and did so yesterday.


The "new" box I got, used obviously, looks in good condition, and in fact looks identical to the one I am replacing.  I put it in place, powered it on, and after some time, a message popped up telling me to call a 1-888 number.  I anticipated this, since I knew I had to register the new one with Rogers, like I did the other one, and did so.


Well, after a loooong time on hold, and being transferred 2x, and giving the new serial number (or whatever you call it) of the box, and rebooting the thing, it was ultimately determined that it simpy did not work!

Several messages came up on the LED screen, like "---", "boot", "01", "02" and possibly others, but it never displayed the time, which is what the technician was seeking.  I asked him what to do now, and he said try again and wait for a long time instead of just for a few minutes, and hope for the best, but that he had to tend to other calls.


Wanting to make sure that there wasn't an outage by coincidence, I swapped the other box in, and after booting it up, and several minutes, it did in fact resolve to the time in the LED, and appeared to work.  I was on my lunch hour, so had to go back to work, but will again sawp in the "new" box and wait longer.  But...


Can anyone give me some troubleshooting tips?  I called the perosn that sold it to me, and she is adamant that it works, and as I say, it looks in excellent condition and does seem to power up ok, it just never completes the process?




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Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

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You may have to do exactly what the tech suggested......wait.


Depending how long the used box had been out of service, there may be a bunch of software updates that have to be downloaded.  The --, 01, 02 sequence is quite normal and shows the box is going thru the normal boot sequence.


Connect it and leave it overnight and see what happens.


Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

I Plan to Stick Around
Ok, thanks! According to the seller, it was last used 2 months ago.

Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

I Plan to Stick Around
Ok I am back home and swapped the "new" one in. It booted up again, showed the "timer" icon, showed "01" and other numbers, but now appears stuck at "-- --".

I can't say I have much faith in this.

If it were animated, or changing now and again to show something was happening or things were downloading, that would be one thing, but just a static "-- --"? Not encouraging.

Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

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Resident Expert



Here are the rules you need to follow when purchasing a used STB. If you don't follow the rules, you may end up with a doorstop:


When purchasing a used STB:

1. Call Rogers with the name of the seller and the STB number before purchase. This is to ensure that it's not a rental and is properly in Rogers system and is allowed by Rogers. Have the seller show the STB in operation if possible.

2. Ensure the seller deactivates the STB or tells Rogers they're selling it so that you can then activate it.

3. You must call Rogers when you get the STB home to authorize it.

4. You must have the cable properly connected and a good signal to the STB for it to function/boot.

5. Sometimes another call by the seller is required after the buyer has the STB in his possession and is trying to activate it (due to Rogers Computer issues - there must be some difference between the "check" and the "activate" steps in Rogers' computer system)

6. You cannot use a STB that is not a Rogers Ontario STB.

7. In the event you wish to incorporate the STB into a WHPVR setup, a truck roll (service call) will likely be required.

8. Sometimes we get questions about "moving" a STB from one subscriber to another without calling Rogers. This is against the Terms of Service with Rogers, they can find out (monitoring location), and both people could be in trouble with Rogers.

9. Note that there are some smaller Rogers areas in Ontario that utilize Motorola STBs. In those cases you need to purchase the correct Motorola STB(s) and it doesn't have to be a Rogers box, but beware of scam sellers. You cannot use SA/Cisco in a Motorola area, or vice versa.


You may have a poor signal at the STB. When you call Rogers have them check the signal and make sure they have the proper serial number.  Many issues are the result of a poor signal at your home or in your neighbourhood and just because one STB works in a home doesn't mean that another will.


Any STB that shows "----" has not been properly activated and you may need to escallate the issue to second level at Rogers, or PM one of the reps here, who seem to be able to assist with most issues.

Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks for the reply.


I did not do steps 1 or 2 (who knew?), and the seller had quit Rogers so I could not test the item at their place.  They did say they last used it 2 months ago (but who knows?)... However, I did pick it up from their residence, so you better believe I will be returning the item and demanding $$ back if it doesn't work.  In fact I have already spent a couple hours on the phone (mostly on hold) and talked to 5 or more different Rogers employees, and feel like I deserve more back than whait I paid!


One encouraging thng: I left in on overnight, and this morning it is displaying the time, so at least the "-- --" are gone.  I am going to call Rogers one more time, with this new detail. (On mty TV it is still defaulting to the 1-888 number.)


Thanks again!

Re: Swapping Next Box 4642, Not Working, Frustration...

I Plan to Stick Around

I wanted to update this thread and give it some closure.  Thanks to those who replied.


My issue is resolved.  Everything is working.


My "solution" was, over the course of 3 days (Fri, Sat and Sun) to leave the box plugged in, and to occassionally unplug it, to see if it worked.  I can only assume it was doing tons of updates over the course of 72 hours.  I can also only assume that the person who solid it to me had not used it for a very long time (much more than the 2 months they claimed).


Things I have leearned:

1. The UI of the box is HORRIBLE!! (specifically the LED display.)  There was rarely any indication it was downloading anything, yet I am sure it downloaded a ton of updates.  There should be some sort of animation or some visual cluse. (It did now and again say "dwLd", but only briefly.)
2. Rogers support is poor, but there are a couple diamonds in a sea of coal.  I talked to 7 people in total, and 1 was outstanding, 1 was competent, and 5 were varying degrees of poor.
3. Be careful what you buy from strangers.  In the end, my box works.  But I do not believe that the party selling it used it as recently as they said.  Now I know for next time, but I doubt this scenario will happen again?


Most important lesson learned is with a box that has not been used for some time, many days and many reboots may be required.  Far more than I ever imagined (or think is reasonable).  And even though there will be hours of nothing appearing to happen (horrible UI), I am pretty sure there are updates going on behind the scenes.  The first reply in this thread said to leave it on overnight, but I had to leave it on (and cycle power) for three days!

Thanks again for the replies I received.