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Suretap with an unlocked device from another carrier

I've Been Here Awhile

I have a Note 4 from another carrier that is unlocked and I'm trying to use Suretap but I cannot activate the wallet. The Cust Serv team on Twitter is telling me that my device is ineligible for Suretap with this device because it didn't come from Rogers.


Can someone confirm this? Also, if that is the case I'd like to know the underlying reason for that.


Re: Suretap with an unlocked device from another carrier

 @MulattoLatte Flashing is something that is not recommended as it may go against your manufacturer warranty and have other risks. Also no guarantee doing something like that would work.


To my knowledge the Rogers Android OS isn't really something you can just download from the internet. Of course what you do with your device is always up to youSmiley Wink Hope my post gave you a clearer understanding!



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