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Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi Rogers,


I changed SIM card and later device at the start of December.


Suretap has helped me with reregistering the wallet and setting up the Suretap wallet again.

The Rogers Prepaid card has not been resent to my newly recreated wallet.

Suretap tell me that they cannot resend it to my Suretap wallet because a required Rogers Activation server is STILL offline.


They've been telling me that this has been offline for three weeks and Suretap has not heard anything from Rogers about when Rogers will fix it.

Can you give me some information please about how I can get this resolved.  (Suretap have been great - but they just don't know when it will be fixed because (in their words) they've "...heard nothing from Rogers yet.".




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Re: Suretap problem

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hello @hopetindall

Are you able to provide more details of the errors (if any) you are getting when trying to add the prepaid card?


For basic troubleshooting steps please try the following:


• Uninstall the wallet application and re-install the application and attempt to download again.
• Turn ON the Wi-Fi hotspot functionality on the device.
• Ensure you are in an area of strong wireless coverage during the entire time downloading the Rogers Prepaid MasterCard.




Re: Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around



No error message being displayed to me.


I'm missing my Rogers prepaid Mastercard though and the balance on it.


Suretap says they can't resend my existing Rogers prepaid Mastercard to my phone until you fix your 'Activation server' at Rogers.  Suretap say they've heard nothing from you about this. Can you help me?


Here are some of the text messages from Suretap support to me:




December 04 2015 07:56 PM

Great! If it doesn't repopulate within an hour - a new card will have to be added which can't be done presently since rogers prepaid card is under maintenance.

December 08 2015 11:18 AM

I will keep your ticket open. We will contact you as soon as the rogers prepaid card is back online.

December 11 2015 02:33 PM

Hi, there are no updates as of yet. Rogers will inform us when the prepaid card is back online & we will pass on the message to our customers.

December 17 2015 09:03 AM

Hi Peter, we have not received any update on when the Rogers prepaid card will be back online. You can contact Rogers if you please.

Re: Suretap problem



I would like to look into the issues you're having with your account.


Addressing the issue you’ve described involves accessing your account. I’m going to send you a private message from @CommunityHelps when you receive it please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.



Re: Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around

there is a PM from you - but no link or request for information yet.



This is another of those situations.... if, for instance, Suretap is telling the truth (and I've no reason to doubt them - they've been very helpful) - and your server is down.  I really wish Rogers would just admit it and give an update.


Although I'm happy to provide you with my details - I'm at a loss to see how getting my account details will magically confirm or deny Suretap's assertion that your prepaid card server is down!

Re: Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi @CommunityHelps,


I'm really frustrated.


I've provided you with my account information (and authenticated).

Now you've send another PM asking for information about IMEIs and SIM numbers that you already have.


(I've given all of this information to Suretap. You already have IMEI and SIM numbers.)


Please can you clarify - so that we don't just waste more of your time and more of my time.


You will have all of this information associated with my devices and SIM cards in my account.


At the beginning of the month - I called Suretap to find out the correct way to switch to a Nano SIM and change device.


They recommend I change SIM card first. Which I did.


They then recommended I change device next. Which I did.




You will see I did a SIM change on my CTN at the start of December.


Look in the account and you will see the old IMEI and new IMEI (your system tracks them).

You will see that my device has changed from a Galaxy Note 3 to a Galaxy Note 4. 


Suretap have recreated the wallet for me wonderfully - but Suretap tell me the problem is that a required Roger's server is down that is preventing them having the Roger's prepaid mastercard balance load to the device. Suretap tells me this has been ongoing for quite a while and they have heard nothing from Rogers about when the server will be working again.


I have already provided this information as part of my support ticket. Instead of justing asking me for the same information YET AGAIN - please can you just confirm whether or not SURETAP is telling the truth about your server being down for multiple weeks. So that we don't just waste time when the issue is that a server is down and no amount of providing the same information over and over is going to fix it.


This is another MyRogers type issue all over again.  


Please, please, please - just be honest won't you!







Re: Suretap problem

Hello @hopetindall,


As mentioned in our private message to you, we needed to confirm the information requested to resolve this issue for you. 


We have sent all the information to the appropriate party and this matter will be resolved for you shortly.


Have a great day!



Re: Suretap problem

thank you for the posting @RogersGabrielle -


As I'm sure you appreciate - the problem is that it's frustrating to have to give the same information over and over (especially when the information being requested is already recorded on the account and can be easily viewed/accessed by tech support).

I can certainly also understand the need to authenticate; and I have issues with supplying (and did supply) authentication information.




Re: Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around



FYI - I heard from Rogers OOP today that, yes - there is a server that is down affecting Rogers Prepaid Mastercard.


It is expected to be back up by the end of the week - and at this time affected Suretap customers will be contacted.



So frustrating that Rogers wouldn't proactively message this over the last month.  😞

Re: Suretap problem

I Plan to Stick Around

So much for 'end of last week' estimate. 😞

Suretap called me again today.

Apparently what is broken is still not fixed (they've been telling me since start of December this has to do with a Roger's server being down or not working).


Suretap believe it will be fixed by the end of January.

Until then - Suretap can't recreate my missing Roger's pre-paid card.  [I bet Rogers will continue to charge me $2.50 a month fee for it though!].  ;-(



Re: Suretap problem



Thank you for your patience in this matter as we implement a fix for your issue.

We will continue to provide updates through PM, any other questions do not hesitate to ask. 🙂




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