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Support for windows 8?

I've Been Around

I've tried to install the Rogers Service point agent on my system, only to be advised that the system only works on up to Windows7?


Considering pretty much all PC's since October 2012 have been sold exclusively with Windows 8, and considering it's now a full 9 month's later, that Rogers would have updated their software requirements to including Window 8?


It's absurd really (dramatic understatement).


Re: Support for windows 8?

I've Been Around

Why Roger Online protection does not support Window 8?  Any one konw how to contact Rogers.  Does Rogers look at this comment and provide feedback?

Re: Support for windows 8?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
They may look here they may not, this forum is nog generally designed for feedback, its for user to user help.

Rogers, along with many other companies (quickbooks for example), often seem to jump late on these things, when they should be pre developing for it.

Truthfully though? Find another free antivirus which is 8 compatable.
The Rogers one is natoriously bad for missing things. Better off to go with MSE, avg, etc
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