Sudden problem in sending email from Outlook 2013

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Sudden problem in sending email from Outlook 2013

Until today, I've experienced absolutely no problems with any Outlook version, sending and receiving emails for 2 accounts, one being a rogers account, the other is my own.   And, as of today, still no problem with rogers account,  However, my non-rogers account has stopped sending.  Outgoing server for both accounts set to, port 465, SSL-enabled.  My non-rogers account was 'registered' years ago.  I've tried reverting to port 25, tried port 587, nothing.  

Still getting that message - 'The connection to the server was interrupted....'   

Any insights?  




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Re: Sudden problem in sending email from Outlook 2013

Hmm.. Unless they are blocking sending mail from other accounts not Rogers now through their smtp servers now? 😞

What is the other address through? Perhaps use their smtp server?

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Re: Sudden problem in sending email from Outlook 2013

I wonder if it is the mail server settings changes that rogers sent the email out about?


Incoming server is set as:

Outgoing server is set as:


Under ,ore settings-advanced:

I have incoming(pop3) set to Port 995 and outgoing(SMTP) is set to port 465. "Use the following type of encrypted connection" is set to SSL.


Mine is working fine with these settings.

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Re: Sudden problem in sending email from Outlook 2013

Fielded a few calls about this lately as well "email not sending" and upon investigation it turned out they were using Rogers SMTP.  Must be a policy change recently to help minimize the spam with spoofed email addresses (YAY!) I had them switch back to using the proper SMTP which belongs to the non-Rogers account.


Whenever possible, use the provided SMTP which belongs with the account. If the non-Rogers service is incoming only, and/or you wish to continue using Rogers outgoing for whatever reason, then you need to authorize the non-Rogers email address to allow it to be used. Do this in the webmail interface:


Go to  and sign in and go to your inbox.
Click the settings button (gear icon at upper right) and choose "settings"

Under "Account" look for "Add" button to "Send and receive email from other email services"


sandra-smithlay, perhaps you can confirm if your non-Rogers email address appears there?