Sudden hardware defects with the 9810?

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Sudden hardware defects with the 9810?

So I purchased a new 9810 on-contract last November. Aside from a few freezes, I never had any issues with the phone. However, when I went to take it off of the charger last night, I noticed that the four buttons flanking the trackpad were blinking dimly. Then upon trying to input my password, the virtual keyboard refused to pop-up and the physical one wasn't responding to input. After a quick battery pull, the keyboard issues were resolved, but the back key, for some reason, flat-out refused to work (it doesn't even click anymore) where the BlackBerry button requires multiple or long clicks to bring up any menus. Other than this, some things I've noticed with my Berry are a very finicky lock button (like the BB button, it requires many clicks to lock / unlock the screen) a keyboard / buttons that blink as opposed to remaining lit, and the alt key randomly goes between working perfectly and not working at all... I've always handled my phones pretty gently and can't think of a time when I dropped my BB or did something that may interfere with the functionality of the hardware. Physically, it looks pretty much brand new. I was thinking it could possibly be traced to the 7.1 update, but I installed it over almost a month ago and had zero issues until just the other day. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with their device? Am I able to exchange my 9810 or am I going to have to pay for a new phone? I'm planning on taking this in to a Rogers store tomorrow, but I'd like to know what to expect upon walking in. Thanks in advance. NOTE: I've tried multiple battery pulls and reloaded the OS earlier today. There was no noticeable difference in functionality.


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Re: Sudden hardware defects with the 9810?

You can contact Rogers blackberry tech support & tell them what is going on. Tell them you have done multiple battery pulls & reloaded the software but does not help. There are going to give you 2 options.

Option 1. Go to the store & have them ship the phone into Rogers & the store gives you a loner phone but you need to deposit $50 in order to get a loner phone. When sending your phone in, it can take 4-6 weeks to get it back from them.

Option 2. Ask tech support to send you a replacement phone ( same as yours) over UPS. This will cost you $35 & it will be added into your invoice. They will ship you the same exact phone you have & once you receive it from UPS. You have 14 days to send back your phone to Rogers. This option is better seeing as they give you the same phone you have & you do not need to wait for your phone. Rogers will keep your phone & you will keep the one they sent you.