Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3



I have a Galaxy S3, very happy with it except for the battery life, but I'm not here to complain about how fast the battery drains with moderate usage like a lot of people are, for me this "only happens sometimes". Meaning with low usage of the phone (a few texts, 2-3 short phone calls and some agenda checking), the battery will last up to 4 days with data/wifi off, dim screen brightness ...etc... but then all of a sudden it'll drain batter life from 80% down to warning level (what is it, 5-10%?) in the matter of 3 hours. I check the built-in task manager, no apps running, I check the RAM usage, 700MB+, I clear the memory, it doesn't help ... I re-start the phone and most of the times that helps. The only way to stop that drainage all the time is too power down the phone for a bit and start it again. So these days I have to re-start or power down my phone once a week.

Anyone else has that kind of issues?


On that note, is there a good RAM manager (that will not drain my battery :)) which will help me identify the "rogue process" that is draining the battery?


Thanks in advance.


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Re: Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3

Hello PSG

IT could be that the battery is defected. I would suggest calling Rogers & Speak to a tech support agent. Tell them what is going on & have them send you out a replacement S3. It will cost $35. That cost will cover them sending you the device & you sending them back yours. Also the phone they are sending you is a refurb device BUT its as new. New screen, new battery & cover.

You can also take the phone into a Rogers Plus store & have them send it out for repair. It will take 4-6 weeks to get your phone back. You can get a loaner phone BUT i rather you do the first step.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3

Hang on, did you just say your S3 battery lasts 4 days??!!  And you are complaining about that?!


I have to juice up my S3 at least twice a day and even after that, as the day comes to an end, I'm biting my nails if out and about hoping that my battery won't die on me...



I'm a Trusted Advisor
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Re: Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3

Hello djrobihn

He made a mistake. He most likely ment HOURS. Not days.
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Sudden battery drain on Galaxy S3

Hi Meowmix, thanks for the ip, I didn't know I could just return it and get a new (albeit refurbished) phone. I'll go check it out today.


As for the other comments: yes I said 4 days, not hours, and I'm very happy the phone can last that long, but keep in mind that's more like a battery test ... WiFi and data are OFF, and I'm almost not using the phone at all, so not exactly a practical situation. What I'm not happy about is that all will be fine for a few hours and all of a sudden the battery will discharge like crazy even though nothing is running.

It happened to me this weekend again: I charge the phone at night, check the phone battery every hour after I get up, the battery goes down 2-4% per hour depending on usage (again, very low usage) and then suddenly it'll start going down 20%/hour. I tried to turn off all the processes I deemed useless and that seemed to help at some point Sunday, but then again after a few hours the drainage picked-up and I had to re-charge the phone. I checked there was no app running, no wifi, no data, no GPS ... and no strange or unwanted process in the background (except for those pesky maps and video hub which somehow you just can't kill).

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