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Starting to get calls from Short Numbers (e.g. +7021)

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Hey, fellow community members!


I have started to get several calls a day from short numbers, such as +7021, +7019, +7020, +3000, +5006, +4012, +5011, +6020, etc., this started Dec 16, 2014.  Actually, they are more hang-ups than calls, since most times I do not even know they called, only that I missed a call.  There is never a voicemail.  Once in a while, I have the opportunity to answer (it rang long enough to answer if I chose to) but I have not answered yet (in case a robo spam caller is fishing for a live recipient).


Anyone else experienced this recently?  Those are ACTUAL numbers I listed above that show up in the call logs and caller ID, including the + sign.  I have blocker apps but the numbers constantly change; but not only that, they are 4 digit numbers.  I know caller ID's can be spoofed and such, particularly by VIOP apps but just wanted to see if I'm the only one before possibly doing something about it.

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Re: Starting to get calls from Short Numbers (e.g. +7021)

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

While i havent been getting them myselfs..

Likely, its auto dialers, etc calling you, why your not getting someone, or no VM.. and only when you connect, that they do TRY to transfer to someone.


Like you said.. its WAY easy to manipulate the caller ID info.. so , they can just force it to change with every call.. makes it really hard to block 😞

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