Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

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Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

Please, ftlog, offer a standalone modem for the higher tier services!


I don't buy any of the arguments that there are 'issues' with the devices tested. The issues are most likely internal Rogers policy issues of not wanting to support a standalone device AND a routing option.


Can someone please tell me if Rogers is even looking at doing this? I was going to increase our connection from Express to Extreme, but this issue has caused me to rethink this.


That coupled with the fact that Rogers can't get our Home Phone to work properly (outgoing voice cuts out for several seconds at a time intermittantly and Rogers has told us the issue is 'unsolvable' and won't reimburse us) and I am looking into alternatives and will most likely switch our service to a competitor.



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Re: Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

@jbulgutch Check the following thread DOCSIS 3.0 Modem for Extreme Plus. There is an extensive discussion there about the same issue.

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Re: Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

Hi jbulgutch and feamcor,

At this time, there is no standalone DOCSIS 3 modem available from Rogers. With the current SMC D3GN gateway, you do have the option to change the modem into bridge mode so that you can use your own router if you so choose. As well, we are looking at other Docsis 3.0 devices for further expansion of our Docsis 3.0 network, but there are no further details available. If any new information becomes available, we would most definitely inform our customers.
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Re: Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

I bought a Motorola Surfboard docsis 3 compatible modem from Tiger Direct but Rogers will not allow me to use it. In fact they will not allow any Docsis 3 compatible stand alone modems. Unbelievable.


Although I have been a customer of Rogers for many years and for many services, I am currently researching other internet service providers.



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Re: Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

Like jbulgutch, I will not ever move up from express to extreme as long as the SMC combo is my only choice from Rogers. I emailed Rogers today to ask about adding a Motorola 6120. The first rep who replied told me no problem, it can be added. I emailed back for some clarification and a second rep told me that I could not add it. - that only the SMC from rogers is permitted on their network. Does the right hand at Rogers know what the left hand is doing? It totally boggles my mind that Rogers will sell (or rent) you a product that only half works! What other business gets away with this?

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Re: Standalone DOCSIS 3.0 Modem FTLOG!

When I was on the Express package, I paid $3.00 for the modem using my own DLink router, and my kids were able to play on-line game on PS3 without any latency via Wi-Fi, while I am surfing on the net or stream movies. We were quite happy about it.


I recently upgraded to Extreme, which I was "forced" to use the stupid SMC gateway combo which cost $7.00 a month.  Ever since, trying to have a smooth on-line gaming session is impossible.  Quick often, out kicked out, or the screen is very choppy!.  It is even worst when someone is on line doing simple email/surfing.


Someone mentioned to change SMC to “bridge” mode to make it act like a modem and then connect it to a “good” router.  Even thought it work, I am still paying $7.00 for a simple cable modem.. which is more than double from what I used to pay.


The point is, I am paying more for higher speed and quality (with higher price) .  In return I got worst results.  The math does not sound right! 


If SMC is the only gateway combo that Rogers provides, then Roger should support it, fix it, replace it with a better hardware,  or go back to the simple cable modem and let us pick the right router.  Don't dominate how we want to use our configuration!.  Roger Tech Support, have you heard enough complaints about this SMC gateway?