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Spritz on Rogers Samsung S5 and Gear 2

I've Been Around

So I've been reading a lot lately about this new speed reading app called Spritz which is supposed to revolutionize the way speed reading is done. It hasn't been released to the general public just yet, but it is apparently supposed to be preloaded on to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Gear 2, of which I have both. The problem is, I can't find this app on either device, no matter where I look. I'm curious to know if anyone else knows where I could find this app, or more importantly, if it's even installed on the Rogers version of the S5 and Gear 2.


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Re: Spritz on Rogers Samsung S5 and Gear 2

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey Quadraton,


That sounds like an interesting app 🙂  Has anyone else in the community heard anything about this app and how he might be able to obtain it?