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Spotify Question

I've Been Here Awhile

I have three lines on a share plan. I have access to set up 2 Spotify accounts. But i should get three. Or am i confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Spotify Question

Hey @morlan


Thank you for your patience and welcome to the Community Forums!

I will have @CommunityHelps will contact you via private message. Please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen when you are logged into the forums.


Re: Spotify Question

I Plan to Stick Around

Thanks Shakir!

Re: Spotify Question

I've Been Here Awhile

Following a 1hr online chat on FB Messenger with Rogers, 30 minutes of which was essentially the agent completely ignoring me, perhaps I'll get more attention on these forums. Because honestly, it's hard not to feel insulted when after providing a screenshot of an error message, detailed steps of how I got the error, and suggestions on my part on how to resolve the issue (because they certainly weren't giving any useful troubleshooting steps), the best response I got was "Please give me your email so that I can send you instructions on how to sign up for Spotify". Aaaargh.


Back to my issue. I had 4 wireless lines on my account, 3 of which (main+2 additional) were subscribed to the Spotify experience with my Share Everything + plan (up to 3 lines max per account). For unrelated reasons, I cancelled one of the 3 lines which had a Spotify experience today (a secondary line). Thinking it would be easy to use that released Spotify subscription, I went ahead on MyRogers and attempted to register the other secondary line which was now available to be registered with Spotify.


So pretty simple at this point, since I had already registered 3 lines to Spotify in the past... click on Register next to the line, log in with a Spotify account (I went as far as to create a completely new Spotify account, free tier, new email), and wait to be redirected to the rogers website. However, I now received an error message: Untitled.png


Tried with multiple browsers, from the mobile website as well, same error everywhere.


Is there someone on these boards who has any idea on how to resolve this? Is it a matter of waiting for things to settle after the cancellation of a line?

Re: Spotify Question

Hi @mindfield_ca


Thank you for your post and welcome to the forums. Smiley Happy


I can definitely understand the inconveniences of your situation and would like to help. I've sent you a private message from @CommunityHelps, when you're logged into the forums please check our messages via the envelope icon which appears in the top right hand side of your screen. 




Re: Spotify Question

I've Been Here Awhile

I have same issue. How do I register second and third accounts?