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Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

I've Been Here Awhile

I have three Spotify Premium subscriptions through Rogers' Share Everything+ Plan, but one of them is not sync'ed with Spotify, even though it says that it is on the Rogers account page. The one that is not sync'ed used to be a paid subscription. We followed the instructions as described on this page ( to register the Rogers Premium version, but now that the paid subscription ended, the account simply went back to the free subscription.


Contacting Spotify seems to be useless. Is there a way to reset the link between Rogers and Spotify? It looks like there's nothing I can do, myself, on the Rogers "Manage your experience" page. The two other Spotify accounts I have work well.







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Re: Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

I'm a Senior Advisor

CRTC wireless code back in June advised that carriers must inform us of all impacts on our current services of making a change in a plan, so if you have lost the services, you are within your rights to escalate based upon that regulation.


I don't know what options there are in that often Rogers will say that they are unable to return you to the old plan and options, but push for some retribution or compensation for the loss of a service you were not advised would happen (it may have influenced your decision), and if necessary escalate.


CRTC through CCTC implemented this because there were far too many complaints to them where people had lost services when changes were made that they weren't clearly made aware of - In most cases the CSR's are very clear that you may lose a feature, and it is not your responsibility to ask how these changes impact you, it is their's to advise you.


Good luck in seeing how you can get this resolved.


A private message to community helps may provide you some support in a fair solution.



Re: Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

I've Been Around

Spotify Premium not showing for other line on Share Everything Plan


I understand from previous posts on this subject that Rogers needs to reset your "experience" so that the Spotify connection is removed, and you go through the (very simple) connection process between Rogers and Spotify again. Please tell me how I can have this done.  Thank you

Re: Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

Hello @JJ_H,


Thank you for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


As a music lover myself, Spotify has been a fantastic service which I use daily so I definitely want to help you get this working on your other line.


We'll need to pull up your information on file in order to take a closer look at this for you and find a solution. Please send us a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can get started on this. If you are not familiar with our Private Messaging system please Click Here.


We look forward to hearing from you!



Re: Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

I've Been Around
I’m also having a problem regarding my Spotify Accounts from my Share Everything Plus plan. The plan included a 2 year Spotify Premium but the number that was applied to that feature is now on Spotify Free. I am only about 6-8 months in of the 2 year bonus. Are there any fixes to this? How can I get my Spotify Premium back? Thank you..

Re: Spotify Premium not showing up in Spotify account

Rogers Employee

Spotify is great for music on the go. You can log into your online MyRogers account and then click on Spotify and see if you have it and from what date to what. If it gives you only the option to purchase then you would have to contact Rogers and have this looked at and confirm the dates of the free experience.