Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

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Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

Anyone use Sportsnet World Online to watch soccer?


Considering switching to this as I'm tired of having matches limited to sportsnet channels I don't subscribe to, especially given the amount of money we're paying.


If you use it, how's the experience been?  It would be helpful if you could indicate what Internet package you have (Express, Ultimate etc).  How obnoxious is the interface?  i.e. can you expand to fullscreen?  How's the video quality?


And lastly, seeing as it's a Rogers property, does it count against your data usage?



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Re: Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

Cant comment on quality, etc... dont use nor watch, etc.

But yes, ANY usage.. rogers property or not, would count against your internet usage.
(Bell is getting BIG flack over this right now with their TV app.. not charging for the usage with it.. as it kinda goes against net neutrality.. not fair to ANY competitors similar service)

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Re: Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

I use Sportsnet World Online to watch EPL games which are not shown on any of the Sportsnet TV channels. I usually watch in parallel with a different game being shown on TV at the same time. Main drawback is, as with any online streaming, it can only be watched live. The quality is very good and yes, full screen can be selected.  I subscribe to the Sportsnet World package on Rogers so I can access online with no additional charge. Same applies to watching  EPL soccer on

I have Express but any package should be the same. 






Hello, just to mention it here, even if you access it online with no additional charges because you subscribe to it, it will still count against your data usage as it uses your internet connection.

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Re: Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

I didn't know this service existed, so thanks! (I subscribe to the Sportsnet World channel so I don't have to pay an additional fee to use this service).

I watched an entire rugby game on my ipad and the quality was pretty good but occasionally the video paused for a few seconds - this was for a non-live game. At the same time one daughter was using Netflix and another was watching YouTube but we have Rogers Ultimate 250 so my connection speed shouldn't be an issue.

It looks like the maximum bitrate is 3Mbps - that would mean that is uses 3x3600/8/1000 or 1.35GB/hour. So I can watch that service for 24 hours per day and not hit my monthly 1TB cap.
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Re: Sportsnet World Online - data usage and experience?

Thanks guys.    I'm not surprised Rogers doesn't advertise this given the rates they're charging for the cable channels.

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