Sports Package for 2012

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Re: Sports Package for 2012

Your analogy is fundamentally flawed. Rogers is advertising the Supersports Pack based on the content. They explicitly list NHL Center Ice as part of the sports pack. When you buy a channle such as TSN Rogers is not selling you Friday Night Football (which is a show on TSN) they are selling you TSN. That however is not the case with the Super Sportspack wher they sell it based on content. 


As such if Rogers is not providing a portion of the advertised content they should be issuing a rebate as they themselves will not be getting charged from the NHL for distributing Center Ice. 

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Re: Sports Package for 2012

Thats where views differentiate, i beleive.

Rogers, advertises not the CONTENT.. but that they will carry channel X, Y, Z.


Its up to the broadcasters of that channel to provide the content.

Going along that same lines.. lets say you watch CSI.  Its on channl X.
Channel X, descides that they are going to cancel the show.

It is something that you were planning to watch, and you pay for that channel.
Rogers should now refund you since you were planning to watch CSI but its now not available as the channel broadcaster stoped airing it?