Spoofing Rogers attempt

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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt

Back in the day, it was easy to see email headers, but modern email clients are dumbed down and hide just about everything and you do have to be an expert to find it all.


As for the message texts I've seen copied and pasted here, the hyperlink is indeed a legitemate Rogers URL because that's what the copied text shows.  However, in the actual email the customer received, the "Rogers" hyperlink leads elsewhere. Maybe you'll see it if you hover your cursor over it.

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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt

I have now rec'd 2 of these emails within the last month - to do with billing. I know they aren't true but who should I forward the email to? or should I?



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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt

Go to this page:




If you don't see a link to report suspicious emails, click the feedback tab on the right and ask how to do it.

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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt

Hi Furriestfriends,


I guess you got the one saying your billing information is out of date. The fact that you are here means you were curious about its legitimacy.


I tried to inform someone at Rogers but I didn't get anywhere.  I just posted it as an example to help others know that it was not legitimate.  Rogers feels it is your responsibility to figure out whether it is legitimate or not.  So if you get other variations of spoofing or phishing, just post them as examples to help others.  


And if you do follow OldYellr's advice and try providing feedback, I'd be interested in what kind of reply you get. Don't quote anyone from Rogers in your post however as it will be removed, even if the content is innocuous.  

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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt



I use Outlook as my email client and it's really easy to see message headers. Just right click on an email and select Message Options.

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Re: Spoofing Rogers attempt

rogers should look into this fake support


rogers has a bad enough rep withought this, to me it lookes like some one is using rogers tm logos to elicite fake virus alerts to get customers to pay for service they dont need to 3rd party, also apk file mentioned in this msg is fake as this is a windows pc.


link direct to, im sure you can look it all up, i blanked out certain things for my privacyfake rogers.jpg