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I could not help but notice the following promotion on Rogers.com for SpeedBoost.


SpeedBoost™ makes online gaming, downloading and streaming even faster so you can:

  • Give your videos a head start when catching up on your favourite TV shows on Rogers On Demand Online.
  • Gain a competitive advantage when gaming by avoiding long lag times.
  • Discover the latest internet video sensation and stop suffering from constant buffering.
  • Download the hottest tracks by today's top artists and say goodbye to waiting.


Aren't these precisely the applications for which Speed Boost provides no significant advantage. There are enough threads already on these boards about Rogers and their throttling practices. What good is a speedboost for the first 10 MB when on-line gamers have had their experience totally ruined by Rogers? A 10 MB speedboost is virtually useless in IMHO! 


Now if Rogers were to follow Shaw and increase bandwidth usage, this would be something to talk about and something actually worth promoting!



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I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: SpeedBoost

It might work for videos... Though I still have youtube buffering issues from time to time...

But yeah the gaming one does not apply to speedboost...
I've Been Around
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Re: SpeedBoost

i am using only fb but it works so slow
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: SpeedBoost

Is this available anymore? They used to offer a 24hr boost in download speed, I'm interested in that.
Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: SpeedBoost

Yes, speedboost is still in use, and does result in higher download rates than what your plan indicates.  But, your internet service has to support those rates.  And by that I mean from a technical perspective taking into consideration the signal levels and signal to noise ratios on the RG-6 cable that connects from the external tap to your modem.  If everything is running correctly, including your LAN cabling or wifi, you will see the temporary higher download rates.

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: SpeedBoost

As well as speed boost.. there used to be something.. it was kinda hidden... where you could activate a BOOST.. to give you faster than your plan speeds for like 24 hours.
I havent seen it in AGES though.

I think it was designed for the like BASIC packages, when the were very very slow.

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Re: SpeedBoost

Do we know for sure if Speedboost is just a temporary burst in speed or whether it is permanent causing you to get something like a 30% higher speed than advertised, assuming that the bandwidth is available on your node?


I have seen folks claim that they get the full higher speed (like 330 Mbps rather than 250 Mbps on Rogers top plan) for large file downloads that take many minutes and Speedboost is just supposed to give you faster speeds for a short period of time, isn't it?


By the way, the Rogers page on Speedbost (http://www.rogers.com/web/content/speedboostonsb?setLanguage=en&cm_mmc=Redirects-_-Consumer_Internet... seems kind of outdated as it says:

"SpeedBoost™ is a new technology that detects when there's available bandwidth" - New?  Hasn't SpeedBoost been around for at least five years?


And then there seems to be this inaccurate sentence:  "SpeedBoost™ detects when there is available bandwidth on the network and automatically provides a temporary burst of speed between 10MB - 50MB (depending on your internet plan) of a download or stream"  MB are the wrong units to use here as MB is an amount of data, not a speed.  Or do they mean that the boost only lasts until you download 10-50MB of data and then you go to the regular speed?


I am guessing that they mean Mbps rather than MB.  That is the normal measure for internet speed.  And the 50 is too low as Ultimate/Hybrid Fibre/Ignite 250 users typically get 330Mbps when running speed tests which is 80Mbps of additional speed.  And if they mean B for bytes rather than b for bits then they are way overstating it as I don't think Speedboost can give you an extra 50MBps (or 400Mbps) of speed. 

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
Posts: 14,275

Re: SpeedBoost

Its hard to say.

I think in GENERAL.. that most peoples plans.. the profile may just be set up.. that it can ACHIVE more than its listed amount now.
The listed speed.. is more an AVERAGE then?

Weither the values are correct.. i think the speed boost, still KIND OF comes into play..

If you look at a speed test.. one that gives a graphical listing of what the speeds you are getting..
you usually look at the first like 1/4 ish of it..  and its usually spiked to its HIGHEST speed, then drops down to a more steady average (even though yes that average is higher than usually your listed).