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Space HD Disappeared?

I Plan to Stick Around

When my husband and I moved house, we made arrangements to subscribe to the VIP HD package which, at the time, included Space HD. While not the only factor, it was one of the reasons we opted for such an expensive package. Everything worked fine, and we set up our DVR for a few programs on the HD feed. We went on vacation, and came back, expecting to catch up on our series...only to find that we were missing the last two weeks. Why? Because suddenly, we no longer have the Space HD feed; it's not even listed as a package option for our area.


I contacted support to ask what happened. The rep was very polite, directing me to check a few channels. There was, of course, nothing. When I asked what happened, she informed me that either it was a misfeed, or a "free preview;" that I should contact the broadcaster to find out if they plan on expanding into my area. Misfeed? Okay, sure. But for a channel that was, at one time, part of the package I subscribed to? "Free preview"? Again, fine, but I don't even have the option to subscribe now. And contact Space to see if *Rogers* is going to broadcast the channel in my area? How crappy *is* the licensing agreement that they worked with Bell?


Between the sorry internet service we've had since moving here, and the exorbitant charges for cable and HD, I really don't feel as though I'm getting my money's worth. Unfortunately, satellite isn't an option, making Rogers the only game in town.


-- Mrs. B.




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Re: Space HD Disappeared?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

The VIP, should have the space channel.. unless you are in some really weird area now where it was taken out.  (there was someone on here who moved towns, and TSN was not part of their package any more) so it is possible..


Now, have you been watching the space HD at this new house already before the vacation?  It is possible a signal issue, where your not getting a strong enough signal to get that channel.  What does the exact thing say when you tune to that channel?  I have seen it where a weak signal will cause channels to come up as 'not authorized' but fix the signal, and they work.


You obviously got a person who was not very knoledgable.  I would try calling and see if you can get a supervisor.. even have them try and change you off and on the package again... as well as get someone out to check the signal.

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
yeah space "should" be included in the digital vip package, are you sure you have the VIP package? you should check your bill and rre-confirm which package u have, space hd is automatically included when u are eligible for space SD

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

I'm Here A Lot

@hrhmrsbrown wrote:

Everything worked fine, and we set up our DVR for a few programs on the HD feed. We went on vacation, and came back, expecting to catch up on our series...only to find that we were missing the last two weeks.


My similar experience with Space HD was that the PVR is set up to record Dr Who every week - when I decised to watch recent episodes I found I was missing the 2nd and 3rd last episodes of the series, and had to reset the recording data in order to catch the finale.

But then I'm having so many issues after the SARA upgrade, this is small potatoes!

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

I'm a Reliable Contributor
I also set the PVR to record Doctor Who weekly.

Luckily, I noticed that in one of the weeks, the IPG listed Stargate Universe in the timeslot, even though I know it's supposed to be Dr. Who. So I set a one-time recording for that.

Another week, Dr, Who was not listed as a new episode ... again, since I knew it was supposed to be new, I set another one-time recording.

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

I Plan to Stick Around



Yeah, we'd been watching stuff pretty regularly on Space HD before heading on vacation. We actually moved from the east side of town to the west side of town, so availability shouldn't have been an issue; it also wasn't showing up as "not authorized" -- it simply wasn't showing up. Tuning to channel 575, we were suddenly greeted by "The Aquarium Channel." (Which I see as a waste of bandwidth, but I digress... )


Spontaneously, it reappeared in our line up a few days after I called. We've been watching and I think DH has set the DVR up again. We'll see if it sticks around.


-- Mrs. B.

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

Thats wierd.. sounds more like a bug or something else on it..
Glad to hear its back though.

Re: Space HD Disappeared?

I'm a Trusted Advisor
It most likely was a bug that Rogers fixed. Mine came off & then a few days ago it came back again. It could be that Rogers had issues with the HD channel & tried to fix it.
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