Sound delay between every show and commercial

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Sound delay between every show and commercial

I have the HD VIP package and am using the Netbox 2.0 recivers. I've been having this issue for weeks but can't seem to figure it out. Everytime I change channels or a show goes into commercials there is this 2-3 second delay in the audio feed. A few seconds of silence, the video feed is fine. It's just the audio that cuts out everytime something new comes up on the screen.





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Sound delay between every show and commercial

We noticed over the past week there have been audio issues with the tv episodes we watch. The episode would start fine, but once the first commercial ends, the audio would delay for about 3 seconds. The audio would be really behind with what we're seeing making it very annoying to watch. It won't matter what show we're watching, it happens every time.


Anyone else with the same problem?

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Re: Rogers on Demand - audio problems - not in sync

sounds like faulthy box, try resetting it first (just unplag from power source and plag it back right away, wait for 10 min for the reset) ...if this will not help call Rogers tech support, so they can check your signal at the box....if they will not find any issues with cable signal, try changing the box at the rogers store....

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Re: Sound delay between every show and commercial

Hello affanimran

Have you tried rebooting the box to see if this fixes the issue? Try unplugging it for 5-10 seconds. Plug it back in & let it reboot. Try that & see if it fixes it. If it does not, it could either be the signal OR the box it self.

I have noticed this my self time from time but a normal reboot fixes it.
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Re: Sound delay between every show and commercial

I do agree on the reboot that meowmix sugested 🙂

One question as well, are you running this through any form of surround sound system?