Sony Bootloader Locked

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Sony Bootloader Locked

My Dad have a Xperia ZL for a while off contract (2-Years Past) and i am wondering if Rogers will Provide the special Key for me since when i got to Unlock my Bootloader since i need to install Cyanogenmod and yes i know rogers doesnt support this but i own the device and i dont know why do they have to lock it because the people who own the device should own rights to the device.


When i go into the menu that you dial in the dialer it said Bootloader unlock=No and i tried the thing on Sony's Website but then it said something about they wont allow me since the part doesnt say Unlock


Anyway of getting through this? because i need to unlock the bootloader and i want access to the device




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Re: Sony Bootloader Locked

Hello @wpan2002

Unfortunately Rogers nor any other carrier provide unlock codes for the bootloader. You can try and see if u can get one via XDA but other then that your out of luck.