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So what now? Looking for wireless device options

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Well I must say I was not expecting that bomb to drop today about Rogers not offering the Lumia950. First world problem I know. However I've been a part of the windows eco system for 3 years and since I myself can't afford a 950 I'm starting to look at my wireless device options.


Option 1 - Go Android and get rid of all the google crap on it and replace it with Microsoft services. Lots  if not all services on my 920 can be put on an Android phone. Not only that, then I have access to all the apps i never had before.


Option 2 - iPhone-  Too much money.


Option 3 - Buy a Lumia 930 or 1520 online unlocked. Continue with windows phone and hope windows 10 bridges the app gap.


So how many of you wonderful people are in the same situation?


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Re: So what now? Looking for wireless device options

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Hello @brandonjbarnard,


I've personally always been an iPhone fan as I have multiple Apple devices and they work seamlessly together. I'm currently using an iPhone 6 and loving it. Microsoft is definitely coming out with amazing stuff and to be honest, I would love to try out the Lumia 950. I have tried Android phones but I've noticed they tend to slow down quite a bit after a while. 


Not sure how well Option 1 is going to work for you but you can try. Let me know how it goes :). Has anyone else in the Community tried this? 




Re: So what now? Looking for wireless device options

I Plan to Stick Around

I was gobsmacked when I heard Rogers wasn't going to carry the new Lumia flagships. Rogers must be doing well to blow off a phone intimately connected to the fastest growing OS in the world!


In any case, I just called the Microsoft store in Burnaby (don't bother with their useless 1-877 number) and was informed that Microsoft doesn't have a payment plan, so you have to buy their phones outright. So here are my two options:


1. Buy a 640 XL unlocked: less power but a better price;


2. See how long my Lumia 920 lasts and buy an unlocked 950 XL when it starts to go down in price.


Neither option includes going back to Rogers for a data plan.

Re: So what now? Looking for wireless device options

I'm a Reliable Contributor
Yeah I was quite disappointed today to say the least. I was hoping for a payment plan as an option. Thanks for the update on that btw, good to know.

I thought of a 640XL but its not what Im looking for, almost the same phone I have now.

Was thinking of keeping the L920 until it dies or 950 comes down in price. I know I said in other posts I'd get a Lumia 950 unlocked but after taxes that phone is almost $850. I can't afford that.

I think for now, my journey with windows mobile devices has come to an end.
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