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Slower speeds, bridged CGN3

I Plan to Stick Around

OK, so if theres any help out there that would be fantastic. Long story short, I had the CGN3 a while ago and returned it after a frustrating battle with AirPrint compatability. I got a smaller modem and purchased and bridged my own Dlink 1750AC router,


Just recently due to changes to Rogers services I "upgraded to this hybrid-fibe 150" and was forced to take the CGN3 back. Instead of being frustrated again I bridged this hitron box as well to my Dlink.


Heres my issue, which to most may seem silly, but Ive noticed a signicant difference in WiFi download speed between my 35-40 Mbps and the 150 Mbps thats listed in the plan. I understand there are many factors keeping below an actual 150 but I'm nowhere close to what I'm paying for, which went up BTW.


Today with a Rogers Tech guy we did ethernet-connect the CGN3 to my laptop and tested it with great results at 195 Mbps. So I'm assuming the drop has to do with either settings in the modem or router, aspects with the bridging, or with my Dlink which is supposedly a high-end router. Naturally the tech guy didnt want to offer much as it relates to the 3rd party box.


Any ideas out there, before I call Dlink?



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Re: Slower speeds, bridged CGN3

I Plan to Stick Around

Thats all fantastic info and help there everyone. I managed to try those router adjustments in mode and sucuirity with a slight, noticable change burt not significant. But its been a fantastic thread because I myself have learned quite a bit and have a broader knowledge on the whole Wifi thing.


I could continue to look for any available adjustments on my current devices to match my service, and I obviously know what to look for now for future purchases. I dont see major changes coming any time soon relating to increasing the client capabilites so I've decided to jump backwards a plan.


Its all good, the 30-45 we do get is plenty, and I have that knowledge now to use what I pay for. That was why I started the thread, with just a slight concern and no understanding why.


Just wanted to give a quick thanks and shout-out to all of you. Thats the true benfit of good forums  Smiley Happy

Re: Slower speeds, bridged CGN3

No problem 🙂

Glad we could help, and be sure to come back and ask if you have any more questions. 🙂

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