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Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I've Been Around

I received a new modem from Rogers (the white tower one) probably around October 2018 or so (prior to that I was using my own modem (which I bought from rogers, but switched to this rental one).. 
Anyhow, my family and I noticed no difference in speed for downloads, games, netflix, etc.. 

Infact, the speed has been increasingly getting worse shortly after the modem was installed. 


Recently, the speed has gotten so bad, that games freeze, netflix takes a long time just to show images, etc.. 
I've rebooted and reset the modem on multiple occasions, and no difference.

This needs to be fixed ASAP. (speedtest applications (several of them), show download speeds maxing at 54mbps and 10 for upload  (tested in the morning, afternoon and just now.

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Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

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Resident Expert

@onacor if the download LED at the front of the modem is a light blue (it's supposed to be magenta), that indicates that the modem is running DOCSIS 3.1 on the downstream side.  If so, then your issues are with the Orthogonal Frequency Division Mulitiplex (OFDM) channel that runs in the 250 to 500 Mhz range on the cable system.  


So, call tech support and ask the Customer Service Rep to run a signal check on the modem.  Ask specifically if the OFDM parameters are within spec.  Indicate to the CSR that you're experiencing low data rates with the modem.  If its running DOCSIS 3.1 on the downstream side, that's where the issue lies, despite what the OFDM parameters might indicate, good or otherwise. 


You will most likely require a tech to inspect the external connectors and cabling.   Hopefully he or she will get it right and ensure that the lower 500 Mhz spectrum is working as it needs to, in order to properly support the OFDM channel and its processing.  If that doesn't happen, call back in and register another complaint.  Get another tech out to your home.  Put tech support on speed dial and don't hesitate to use it.  Call as many times as it takes.  The next step after the first two contractor visits is a senior tech, then a maintenance crew.  So, if necessary, keep calling in. 

Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm not sure what Datalink Saif technically but he is right.

There is another CF section that deals with Ignite install problems/concerns.

A few of us customers have noticed the installs are not being done correctly.

I had ignite500 installed earlier this month and find my 5g (Cell phones/tablets) speed vary from 50-200mbps 2.4g (computers and low level services) from 5-35mbps) close to 30-35mbps since tech rep returned to clean the coax service from the street.


Don't hesitate to request a return tech visit to check service levels  

Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I've Been Around

Need Assistance with Internet Speed Issues


Hello, I am having problems with my internet speeds since this morning. I'm receiving VERY low speed from around 20 Mbps to 0.90 Mbps. It is affecting the WiFi, Ethernet and the IPTVs. I have the Rogers Ignite Internet 150. If anyone has a solution it will be much appreciated.

Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

Good evening @User89,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for posting about your situation.

Experiencing slow internet speeds can definitely be frustrating.


Could you let us know the troubleshooting steps you have gone through since noticing the issue? Does it only happen during specific periods or the day?


Here are a few troubleshooting steps to follow if your online connection appears to be slow:

  1. Test out your internet speeds on different websites or the Rogers SpeedCheck tool as connectivity between various websites may differ.
  2. Restart your computer or device.
  3. Restart your modem by unplugging the modem power cord (and router power cord if you have one). This can take up to 10 minutes for the modem to fully start up.
  4. Make sure all the cables are tightly connected.
  5. If you are on WIFI, try moving closer to the modem/router.

Let us know how it goes!



Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I had this same problem last summer - also on 150u. Took almost two months of repeated calls and visits to resolve, but it turned out to be a bad line running from the CMTS to my local node. Probably dealt with tech support 4-5 times, had three tech visits and two maintenance crew visits. It was the very last tech to come (a senior tech) that finally ran the right diagnostic tests at the node and saw the problem I was having. I agree with other posters, you just need to keep logging the issue with tech support and eventually they will put in the resources to find out what the problem is. Honestly, the person who complains the loudest and the longest will get the most attention......Smiley Frustrated

Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

Shame to say it, but its true.

We had issues like 5 years back, where it was just the TV/phone which was effected.   During peak times, there was signal drops.
Try and get a tech out... they are often there when there was NO issue..  looks fine, they leave.
Happens again.. call tech, they see the issue.. call another tech out.
Repeat the process like 10 times.. 
Eventually the realize its way to expensive to keep sending a tech out.. and escalate it to Maintenance to look at the street/node level.

Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

I've Been Around

CODA-4582U Ignite 150 Slow Speeds and Intermittent Disconnects


Hello all,

This is my first post. I just got Rogers Ignite 150 a month ago and have been experiencing quite slow speeds (around 25 to 40 Mbps via an ETHERNET connection), as well as intermittent disconnection from the internet for a few minutes at a time via WIFI. 

I am using a CODA-4582U Router. (Hardware Version 2A / Software Version

I was able to capture the downstream and upstream data from the DOCSIS WAN today and was hoping someone could interpret and point me in the right direction to resolve the issue.

Connection was via an ethernet CAT6 cable.


Downstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Signal noise ratio (dB)
1 591000000 256QAM 5.500 7 36.610
2 849000000 256QAM 4.400 2 35.595
3 855000000 256QAM 4.300 3 35.780
4 861000000 256QAM 4.100 4 35.595
5 579000000 256QAM 5.200 5 36.610
6 585000000 256QAM 5.500 6 36.610
7 303000000 256QAM 4.200 1 37.356
8 597000000 256QAM 5.700 8 36.387
9 603000000 256QAM 5.200 9 36.387
10 609000000 256QAM 5.400 10 36.610
11 615000000 256QAM 5.700 11 36.610
12 621000000 256QAM 6.000 12 37.356
13 633000000 256QAM 5.800 13 37.356
14 639000000 256QAM 5.600 14 36.610
15 645000000 256QAM 5.500 15 36.610
16 651000000 256QAM 5.200 16 36.387
17 657000000 256QAM 5.000 17 36.387
18 663000000 256QAM 5.100 18 36.610
19 669000000 256QAM 5.000 19 36.387
20 675000000 256QAM 4.900 20 36.387
21 681000000 256QAM 5.000 21 36.387
22 687000000 256QAM 5.300 22 36.610
23 693000000 256QAM 5.200 23 36.610
24 699000000 256QAM 5.000 24 36.387
25 705000000 256QAM 4.800 25 36.387
26 711000000 256QAM 4.700 26 36.610
27 717000000 256QAM 4.500 27 36.387
28 723000000 256QAM 4.800 28 36.387
29 825000000 256QAM 3.700 29 35.595
30 831000000 256QAM 4.500 30 35.780
31 837000000 256QAM 5.000 31 35.595
32 843000000 256QAM 4.900 32 35.780
OFDM Downstream Overview
Receiver FFT type Subcarr 0 Frequency(MHz) PLC locked NCP locked MDC1 locked PLC power(dBmv)
1 4K 275600000 YES YES YES 4.599998
Upstream Overview
Port ID Frequency (MHz) Modulation Signal strength (dBmV) Channel ID Bandwidth
1 25300000 ATDMA - 64QAM 29.500 2 3200000
2 36996000 ATDMA - 64QAM 28.000 4 6400000
3 30596000 ATDMA - 64QAM 27.500 3 6400000
4 22100000 ATDMA - 64QAM 29.500 1 3200000

Below is a speed test screen shot for further information.


Thanks for your help. 


Re: Slow download / upload speeds with Ignite 150u

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hello Maya, 


Welcome to the forum.  Your slow speeds are no doubt, annoying to say the least.  Here's a couple of questions for you:


1.  Are you in a house or an apartment/condo/highrise?  I ask that as your DOCSIS 3.0 signal levels are a little higher than normal, which is typical of what I've seen from other customers in an apartment, condo or highrise.  


2.  For the test pc or laptop in question, do you know if it has a gigabit port and have you seen that pc or laptop run at faster data rates before?


3.  Can you have a look at the back of the modem, specifically the connected port LED and check the colour of the port LED.  Flashing amber indicates a 1 Gb/s connection rate with the connected device port.  That 1 Gb/s connection rate is required to support any data rate above 100 Mb/s via ethernet.  Flashing green indicates a 10/100 Mb/s connection rate with the connected device.  Can you let us know what colour the port LED happens to be? 


4.  Your modem is running the latest firmware version for that modem.


5.  The signal level data in the upper Downstream Overview section is ok.  The signal levels are high, but well within spec.  Typically their in the 0 dBmV range, but where their currently located is fine.  The signal to noise ratios are fine.  Just to note these channels are not in use at the present time. 


6.  Your modem is using DOCSIS 3.1 for the downstream data.  That is seen in the active channel in the OFDM Downstream Overview data section.  There isn't enough data presented to the user to determine the health of the OFDM channel itself.  That is an ongoing problem.


7.  You have four channels running for data upload instead of three which is good.  You should see very good performance on the upload side, so, its rather interesting that you're seeing the opposite.  The upstream signal levels are all low.   Typically for this modem we're seeing somewhere in the range or 30 to 33 dBmV.  Thats the modem's signal output that is transmitted to the neighbourhood node.  The Cable Modem Termination System, which is beyond the neighbourhood node actually controls the modem output, so, the fact that its running low should indicate that the CMTS is satisfied with the signal levels as they arrive at the neighbourhood node. 


8.  Fwiw, there are a minority of customers who see slow download performance with this modem.  That is due to some issue with the Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex  (OFDM) channel which carries the downstream data.  That resides in the lower 250 to 500 Mhz range, for which there isn't enough data presented to determine if there are any problems afoot. 


Ok, so, for now, call tech support and ask the Customer Service Rep to run a signal check on the modem and ask specifically:


1.  if the OFDM channel is within spec.  

2.  if the upstream signal levels are within spec when then arrive at the neighbourhood node.  The CMTS doesn't report those number back to the modem, so, a call to Tech Support is necessary to determine if their ok.  


Also advise the CSR that your seeing low speeds for both the download and upload side.  


Before you make that call, check the connected port LED at the back of the modem.  If its flashing amber, indicating a 1 Gb/s connection rate with the pc or laptop, then go ahead and call Tech Support.  


When you run a speed test, can you try those with the Toronto or Montreal Rogers servers, which ever is closer, and try a test with google's fibre speedtest;



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