SimCard switch

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SimCard switch

Currently i have a blackberry bold on a 3yr contract, is it possible for me to go buy a iPhone online ( classified site ) and just pop my sim card and that be it, or would i need to do anything in preticular.


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Re: SimCard switch

Hello evankorsch

It all depends which iPhone you are looking at & it MUST be unlocked or locked to Rogers to work with Rogers.

A iPhone 3G/ 3GS uses a Normal Sim card. A iPhone 4/4S uses a Micro Sim card. The iPhone 5 uses a Nano sim card.

Once you buy the phone from whoever you buy it from, buy a sim card of which model you need & activate it on your line. You can do this by calling Rogers & having them activate the sim card or do it at the Rogers plus store. You can also buy the sim card before hand & activate it on your acount & then meet up the person & test the phone out. This is the best thing to do.

The sim card will cost $9.99 + tax.