Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available

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Re: Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available

So here's my story. 


When I switched my data plan in early November to get the "Roam Like Home" (because I was going to the US), I was able to choose one "experience". I chose Shomi. It took almost 3 weeks to start working, but eventually it did, and not until after my trip to Vegas.


When I upgraded my phone during the "Black Friday" sales, I had to go into the store to pick up my phone because Rogers forgot to send it me. When I went into the store, they had an iPad promotion on. Buy an iPad (with a $10/month plan) and pay the iPad out over 24 months. I wavered back and forth until they told me I could get a second "experience". Spotify was $10/month, so I thought why not, it kinda cancels each other out. I told them I already had Shomi, but they said with the iPad I could get a second experience. Plus if I got the iPad, I would get $150 off a new device. Well, my phone was going to cost $99.99, so I went for it.


On Christmas Eve, I moved my daughter from Telus to Rogers. Her phone was mailed to her. She had a price match deal and her phone was going to $0 on a new line.


On Boxing Day after my wife got the iPad for Christmas, I tried to activate Spotify. It would not work. I tried the online chat. They said I was not eligible for a second experience. I called in. They said I was, but only Texture, not Spotify. And in order to activate that, I had to wait for my new billing cycle to start, as I had added a 3rd line (phone for my daughter) on Christmas Eve.


When I got my new bill, which was late, I tried again. No luck with my second experience. I called in. They now said I could not have a second experience at all. I tried the online help. They said someone would contact me after they sent my issue to IT. Not only that, they messed up on my phone upgrade. They did not take off the $99.99 because I got the iPad. (They have now).


I went back to the store. They could not help me. But my daghters phone was switched over and working.


3 weeks went by, and I got a phone call. A week after another bill had come in. They said I could not have a second experience at all and had never heard of the Texture promotion for iPad, only other tablets they sell. I explained to them that the only reason I got the iPad in the store was because I was told I could get a secone experience, which would cancel out the $10/month iPad plan. You can't tell someone in early December one thing, and then change the story a month later.


In closing, I was never able to have Shomi AND Spotify. They also said that I could not have Texture as well. After switching it themselves from Shomi TO Spotify and then back to Shomi. I was able to get the issue resolved. 


Needless to say, the final actions I was able to get from Rogers has more than made up for the 2 months of battling I had to do. Don't give up the fight people. And document everything!!

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Re: Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available



Once you select an experience, you can change it within 30 days of your price plan activation date.

Simply log into MyRogers go to your current Experience part of your Wireless plan and click under Change My Selection.


Let us know if you require further assistance!




Thank you for sharing with us, we are happy to hear that the ssue was resolved to your satisfaction. 🙂




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Re: Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available

I got notification my Spotify account will expire and just checking around and found a bunch of horror stories.  I followed the procedure to activate Spotify via my smartphone MyRogers.  It shows that I have selected the experience.  Seeing a bunch of threads about having to switch to Shomi or Next and after Spotify Premium is cancelled, switch it back BUT there is no option to switch just BUY.  Very confusing service.  Who tests these things?  Anyways, I hope there is a resolution in a few days if my Spotify account goes to Free and I can't get it back to Premium unless I have to pay for something I should be getting for free.

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Re: Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available

I am also having the issue that apparently has been going on for almost a year. We just joined with Rogers and purchased a Share Everything Plan and we're told that it included GameCentre Live and Spotify for free, but it won't allow me to add Spotify as it does not recognize I am on a share everything plan. Very annoying. Please help!
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Re: Signed up for share + package, no Spotify option available


Hello, @Myers912


Thank you for joining the Rogers Community Forums and posting your concern. We can definitely help but just need more details. Are you on a Share Everything Plan or Share Everything+ Plan? The Spotify Premium service is included with the Share Everything+ Plans.


If you are on the Share Everything+ Plan, how are you trying to add Spotify?


Were you able to register on your MyRogers profile and link your account? If yes, then you need to select your main line and you shall see Spotify Premium available for you.