Sierra Wireless Air Card

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Sierra Wireless Air Card

I received the new Sierra Wireless Air Card this week.  It is supposed to replace my existing old Rocket Stick using the same SIM Card.  It worked when i first installed the SIM Card and charged the battery, but today it shows it connected on the air card, but no actual connection to Rogers exists, even though I have full bars - so I swapped back the SIM Card into my old Mobile Internet Rocket Stick and managed to get connected again.    I am also using Vista Software and it has not been a problem.


I've sent off an email to Rogers Technical Support





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Re: Sierra Wireless Air Card

If it is a 313U stick, go to the sierra wireless web site and do an upgrade to the latest firmware on the stick.


Not sure if this will fix for sure but it can't hurt to try this first and will make your stick more stable anyways.


If it is a 330 stick, it does not need to update.


Is you area LTE compatible, maybe the stick is stuck in LTE mode and you may not have LTE service?