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Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Around

Like the subject suggests, I am sick and tired of Roger's home Internet service busting on me every half 'n hour. I didn't have practically any Internet connection since last night. It momemtarily comes up once in a while, only to drop again. I know there's no problem with my home network as it was working even the day before. Is anyone else experiencing this frustration? It happened last week as well! After talking to the Rogers support, I realized they are just a bunch of no-good service reps who either don't have any clue as to what maintanance/outages Rogers is having, or refuse to admit it. Their only response was, "make sure the you plugged in the power cord and your modem is turned on!" Even my 90-something grandma knows more than that!



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Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Hi, here are a few questions for you.  Hopefully with a little more info, we can figure out what the problem is. 


1.  Does your wired connection exhibit the same issue?  If so, my best bet would be a loss of signal issue with the cable coming into your home.  More to follow below…


2.  Have you tried to look at the wireless network to see if you are experiencing an interference issue with your neighbors?  Here is a link to a freebie version of inSSIDer   This program will allow you to look at the wireless networks that may be interfering with your own network.  Maybe one of your neighbors has set up a wireless network that interferes with yours during certain hours of the day.  This program will help sort that out.  When you have it up and running, look for your own network in the 2.4 Ghz network display and look for any overlapping networks from your neighbors.  Note that the latest version of this has become a pay program with 802.11ac capability.  It’s possible that a channel change might solve the problem.  If you come to the conclusion that there are a great number of 2.4 Ghz routers around your location, although it only takes one close one to create a problem, maybe it is time to think of acquiring a router with better 2.4 Ghz wireless performance, or it may be time to make the leap to a dual band router and make use of the 5Ghz network.  That will depend of course on whether or not your laptop and other devices can make use of a 5 Ghz network.   For example, in my area there are probably around 20 or more 2.4 Ghz networks running.  In the 5Ghz band, there is only our router which I can see running.  So there is no interference at all at this time. 


3.  Ok, so much for the wireless side.  On the wired side you could have a problem with a connection inside the house, or with a connection or cable on the outside.  The easy way to determine that is to log into the modem and select the bottom Status tab on the left hand side.  Your modem has 4 channels down and 4 up, although I suspect that only 3 of 4 will be running for the Upstream channel.  Typically you should probably see 0 dBmV for Downstream power and a Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) of 37 to 40 Db.  If you have an issue with overall low signal power due to a bad connection or cable, the Downstream power will be greatly reduced.  It will show somewhere below -3 dBmV.  On the upstream side, I think you should probably see around 40 dBmV, although the manual shows 50.  Can you have a look at those numbers and post them in here.  I would like to see what they are when the modem is up and running normally, and when the service is completely down.  If there is any question on your signal power, for example the numbers are greatly below 0 dBmV for the downstream or greatly in excess of 40 to 50 dBmV for the upstream at all times, call tech support to have a look at them.  When the service drops out completely I would definitely call so that the support tech can start to determine if the problem is with the cable into your house or further upstream.    


4.  Do you also have a homephone and / or Rogers Cable tv?  Although they run on different frequencies, what happens to them when your internet drops out?

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Datalink has given some great sugestions here.


Checking to see if it does it on wired, will help figure out if its the connection as a whole, or just the wireless portion.


If its the wireless portion, could be something like interfearance... that it clears up after a time.. as after that time, there isnt any other devices in the area on that are conflicting, etc.

The wireles on these devices, while it works.. is not great... a replacement with a seperate wireless router for greater range/signal strength might fix it.

If its not wireless though, and it exibits it in wired as well, like sugested.. could be signal, etc related.... not that anything you have done... but just wires, splitters, connectors, etc burning out, age, etc.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Around

I AM EXPERIENCING THE SAME ISSUE, for many years. Each time I am calling they seem to rush to resolve the problem for the next few days/week/month especially by asking you to upgrade your modem, even if the previous one was working fin at the beginning of using it.

And then it come sback again. Noe my kids are complaining to me each time they can't access internet. So I reset everything first and when the problem persist I get extremely frustrated that Rogers do not inform us of potential outage due to maintenance or anything.


Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I Plan to Stick Around

Was there any issues yesterday in the East end of Ottawa? my modem was going up and down all day. When it was up and running I would have issues surfing (very slow connections).

I have unplug my modem and router and power back the modem and then the router and same problem.

I have plug in rogers modem straight to my would go up or down with the connection. I dont know if it is resolved this morning.


just wondering if there was any issues yesterday.



Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Here Awhile

I have the same problem, called three times on hold for 90 min each time, still they tell me nothing is wrong!!

One "tech" told me to plug in the modem directly into the all outlet (I have it plugged into a UPS)


Internet is almost unuseable on peak times.


My modem is bridged and I have a good quality router. Still issues since November 2015 and Rogers won;t help.

Too bad we don't have a choice in Canada.