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Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Around

Like the subject suggests, I am sick and tired of Roger's home Internet service busting on me every half 'n hour. I didn't have practically any Internet connection since last night. It momemtarily comes up once in a while, only to drop again. I know there's no problem with my home network as it was working even the day before. Is anyone else experiencing this frustration? It happened last week as well! After talking to the Rogers support, I realized they are just a bunch of no-good service reps who either don't have any clue as to what maintanance/outages Rogers is having, or refuse to admit it. Their only response was, "make sure the you plugged in the power cord and your modem is turned on!" Even my 90-something grandma knows more than that!



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Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Resident Expert
TV, phone and net while come in on the same cable, are on different frequencies, so one can be effected and not the other.

That you get different results in a different outlet, almost makes me really think its a signal related.
Not enough or too much signal can effect things. (Eg putting off a wall connection which has a cable power booster off of it)

A 'shared' connection is not your issue here. Now a days, with the d3 modems and especially with the up to 24 channels, congestion should be non existent.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

@shum99 wrote:

I have rogers tv as well. TV is always fine even when Internet dropped. I am exhausted. I will post my connectivity data tmr. If the tech can't figure it out tmr, I will go for bell. I know bell doesn't share bandwidth with neighbours and has its own cables. But I have contract with Rogers, not sure if I get penalty for this situation.

That makes me laugh. Bell may have its own cables, but DSL traditionally has been extremely sensitive to i) cable length, and ii) cable quality. And if either is bad, it can't be fixed.


Then again, maybe I am still unimpressed that 15 years ago, when the DSL at my parents' house started getting flakier as the weather got warmer, Bell literally said 'your distance to the CO is too high, we can't fix this, go and sign up with Rogers.'


Then my aunt had DSL a few years later in downtown Montreal, it worked fine. She moves to a smaller town, Bell tells her it's available, but it was ridiculously moody (and slow when working). My late uncle called up Cogeco and basically begged to be the first house connected when they finally launched cable Internet in that area...


At least with Rogers, I have never heard of a physical plant problem that was unfixable. Yes, it may take a bit of aggravation to get the big red Rogers vans (rather than the subcontractors) to turn up, but once they do, the problem eventually gets fixed.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Here Awhile
Just an update. Issue seems to be fixed. This morning my internet was totally gone regardless what I did which made the issue obvious to detect. This tech is good. We checked everything line by line, room by room. He replaced everything that could lead to the problem. Then.... Modem started be on and off again...finally, he traced down to the box outside of my house. The signal is always good whenever he measured it but inside it kept dropping. Finally he replaced the connector on that cable outside of the house and it works so far so good. My guess is whenever he put the cable into his machine to measure it is like my re-plug my modem which made it work a few minutes. Any movement around that cable made the difference. The only thing still mysterious to me is no one ever opened that box before and it is a new house just 2 years and how could the connector broken so soon? Thank you guys for all the replies. I really appreciate.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Resident Expert
Excessive moisture in the air, corroded it early.?
More than likely, could have been a spike of power across the line, fried it.

The one out there, is usually grounded to the elec box, so if it got hit it wouldn't likely have traveled inside the house.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Around

I've been having issues over the past month and they've only been getting worse. Constantly the connection will drop/go off and on, off and on, off and on. 


I took my SMC modem/router into Rogers this past weekend and they gave me a new one (a Cisco). But that didn't do anything. 


It's been getting worse every few days. It's come to the point where the Wi-Fi doesn't work AT ALL during the day. Then, up until aroud 3-4pm in the afternoon it might work. But only for 20-30 minutes if I'm lucky. Then it will stop working for another half hour to an hour. This goes on late into the night.. But by midnight it's working flawlessly! Makes no sense and it's beyond frustrating. I should point out that I'm the only one in the house using the internet, with the occasional connection from someone else (friend or family member). 


What could possibly be the problem!?