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Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Around

Like the subject suggests, I am sick and tired of Roger's home Internet service busting on me every half 'n hour. I didn't have practically any Internet connection since last night. It momemtarily comes up once in a while, only to drop again. I know there's no problem with my home network as it was working even the day before. Is anyone else experiencing this frustration? It happened last week as well! After talking to the Rogers support, I realized they are just a bunch of no-good service reps who either don't have any clue as to what maintanance/outages Rogers is having, or refuse to admit it. Their only response was, "make sure the you plugged in the power cord and your modem is turned on!" Even my 90-something grandma knows more than that!



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Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Just for the heck of it, can you log into your modem and copy and paste the DOCSIS WAN Signal to noise ratios, signal levels and channel numbers for both the downstream and upstream signals.  Do that for when your internet is up and running and then when the internet goes down, do it again. 

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Resident Expert

@shum99 wrote:

Yes, when I say re-plug the cable, I mean the cable into the modem. Power off the modem doesn't help at all. I don't need to power off, just take off the cable and put back. Sometimes, just screw it looser or tighter then the signal is back. Since both the new modem and old modem behave same, I don't think it is the modem issue. And I have changed to new cable with new split and it is still same. I doubt it is the cable itself. At night, it can stay till 3-4 hours (9pm - 12pm) and then drops at the midnight. Rogers told me the whole street is fine. Then it must be my house. I didn't change any configuration for a long time. Can't be my settings' problem.Having a slow constant DSL internet is better than on/off all day long.


I didn't try to swape the cable from the modem to the PC. Can I plug the cable right into the laptop or PC? I didn't know that.


Another technician will come over tomorrow and I will have him sit till my internet goes down.

If, all that you are doing, is removing the cable connection from the wall to the modem... that is forcing it to re-establish a connection... its very unlikely a modem issue directly.. and more signal/what is getting to that box.


As datalink sugested... showing the modem channels when its up/down.. may show that its not being able to keep those channels bonded/in communication.


It might still be an overall street issue, etc.. not necessarily just your house.. it just doesnt become evident until under a certain load, etc.


If it was YOU that put a splitter in, etc.. that could be part of it.. as not all splitters are at the right ratings for the signal, etc.

Hopefully the next tech, can figure it out.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Here Awhile

NEVER had connectivity issues until recently (last 3-4 months).


Your theories are sound...something has changed.


Switching out the modem hasn't rectified the issue.


Step two is to contact them directly.


I'm not looking forward to that call.

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

Personally I wouldn't call them until your internet service has failed.  At that point, if tech support can't communicate with or manage the modem, that at least proves to some degree that a problem exists.  It could be the cable leading to your house, or it could be something further upstream.  It can be extremely difficult to track down an intermittant problem, so, troubleshooting with tech support at the right moment is important.  Having tech support or an onsite tech look at everything when all is okay doesn't do much to solve the problem and probably adds to your frustration with the situation.  Do you happen to have a Rogers home phone or cable tv, and if so, what happens to the phone or tv when the internet service goes down?


If you log into your modem and look at the DOCSIS WAN signal levels and signal to noise ratios, you should see, on the Downstream channels, 0 dBmV for received signal strength and 40 dB for signal to noise ratios.  On the upstream channels, you should see a signal strength of approx 37 to 40 dBmV.  I am still interested in seeing that data for your modem for all channels, just to see what the numbers look like, normally and when the internet service fails.  That will also tell us if there is a channel bonding problem. 

Re: Sick and tired of Rogers home Internet dropping every half 'n hour

I've Been Here Awhile
Thank you guys for the replies. I have been trying all different combinations tonight to figure out the problem without luck. The weird thing is if I move the modem to downstairs living room with the tv cable in, the lights are always solid even when the internet dropped. It becomes more frequently now, like 10 minutes. I have to write everything first and then post it here when Internet is on.

I have rogers tv as well. TV is always fine even when Internet dropped. I am exhausted. I will post my connectivity data tmr. If the tech can't figure it out tmr, I will go for bell. I know bell doesn't share bandwidth with neighbours and has its own cables. But I have contract with Rogers, not sure if I get penalty for this situation.