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Shared plans.

I don't understand how these shared plans are so awful.  After talking to a representative about how I'm paying 130$, getting 1gb of shared data.  No features other than call display on only one of the two phones.  What incentive is there for me to continue with this plan once my contract is up?  First of all there are way cheaper alternatives that offer much better services at a lower price.  Second, a single phone w/ 3gb of data and pretty much everything unlimited costs 60$ a month.  After talking with customer service, she offered me a plan that would end up in me paying more than what i'm currently paying.  I just don't see the benefit of taking a shared plan over having 2 individual ones.



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Re: Shared plans.

Hello grez13

Its been known since the 2 year contracts come on, the prices for normal plans have jumped. I am really lucky i have my 6GB, unlimited texting, My 10 Canada wide, Call display and voicemail for $70 ( grandfathered plan plus discounts they gave me) .

I would suggest speaking to Rogers retentions to see if they can offer you something OR Contact Rogers via Twitter (@RogersHelps) or on Facebook ( ... They might be able to give you something for or give you a discount of some sort
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Re: Shared plans.

Often some of the grandfatherd plans, like meowmix said, can be slightly cheaper for more stuff, depending on what you have, etc...than the current stuff.

I am currently on a 2g+unlimited local, and my wife on a 2g + unilimited can wide, single plans, totaling $150

Under the CURRENT plans.. it would be a shared, 2g total, but both of us with unlimited, for $140 OR $160 we would pay more, but get 2 more gb.


Its hard to compare, as there is no exact same single comparable plan anymore.
So in your case.. the plan may be more $, but may have more calling minutes/area.. and the CID, etc all included.. but weither its worth the increase in price to get those or not.

I agree with meowmix.. call in and see what they can do with retentions.