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ShareEverything Legacy Plan - Main Line Port-Out

I've Been Around

Hello Everyone,

I'm looking for clarification, as I've received dozens of conflicting opinions and am uncertain about what to do.

I have 6 lines on my ShareEverything Legacy plan, and no longer have much use for the main line and would like to port it over to a prepaid plan to keep the number for the time being.

Due to the fact that my plan is a legacy plan, the plan no longer exists.

If I do decide to port-out the main line to a prepaid plan, what exactly happens to the other 5 lines?

Does the main line become automatically reassigned? Will I be asked to change my plan? Will there be no action taken, and the remaining lines be charged pay-per-use rates till action is taken?


Thank you for your responses.




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Re: ShareEverything Legacy Plan - Main Line Port-Out

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hopefully @CommunityHelps can come and chime in with confirmation.

That was my understanding.. that one of the lines (i think you can choose?) would take over as the main one.

Re: ShareEverything Legacy Plan - Main Line Port-Out

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hi @tennis


Welcome to the Community Forums and thank you for posting!


We can definitely assist with the changes you are looking to make on your wireless lines. Your main line can be reassigned to a number of your choice. As for the plan, we would need to take a look at your plan to determine if you would need to change your plan. 


Please send us a Private Message next time you're online and we can assist you with changes for your wireless services.


For more information on our private messaging system check out our blog.






Re: ShareEverything Legacy Plan - Main Line Port-Out

I'm a Senior Advisor

@tennis  Let us know what your final outcome is.


In our case, the extra lines dropped off as our kids left home, but we never tried to port the main number out.


My understanding is that you can keep that number by just dropping off one of the other lines and keep the main number.


When you drop the main line, you pick one of the others.


We have never had to change plans to date - our's is very legacy - used to be called family plan - same thing under a different name - model was that we had a limited local minutes, which we shared and never hit limits.


But that is my experience - like you, I heard many different stories of what would happen, documented each and everyone, and just kept phoning and finally I got three common answers - maybe they read the notes, I don't know.


But some of the answers were so far away from each other, I felt like no one there had any idea what they were talking about.


These types of questions, I usually take to customer relations, because many front line CSR's have no idea what these things are and may not have the options to make changes within the plan.


But even within relations, I got different answers, would say, yesterday they said, they would go back discuss, think, whatever (have a coffee maybe) and some times come back with no they are wrong, or no they are right, but one minor thing they didn't mention.


Before agreeing, have them describe every feature of your plans that will be left, costs, any terms of agreement that are important to you, check any bonuses and add-ons you may have picked up and determine if they exist anymore - if they don't you won't get them back if you cancel it, and bonuses may have end dates you weren't fully aware of.


When you get the answer you are satisfied with, write down every detail, date, time, prices, all details and read them back to them and ask them to agree.  Then hopefully you don't get hit with any surprises, and you have the documentation verified by you that.  I actually have gone as far as saying, do you (name), verify that I have read to you the details as you have written in your notes - makes it a formal verbal contract.


Only exception I know of is that if you have only two lines left, if you change one line, you change both to current in market plans as they call them, but relations may have alternatives.


Let us know how it goes - in all areas of grandfathered and legacy plans for all services, when we call to enquire about options, I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, more confused often after the calls than I was when I started.  Be careful not to make a decision when confused - learned that the hard way.


And also note any offer they give you can be gone tomorrow as I just learned, so try not to get too frustrated, because you just wanted to talk it over with your spouse for a day, then you get to start all over again.


This information is very helpful for all of us who are getting caught in the absolute confusion around plan changes and legacy plans.


Good luck, Bruce

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