Setting up a Minecraft Server

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Setting up a Minecraft Server

I have the Cisco DPC3825.  Behind it I have a Linksys WRT-54g running DD-WRT, and behind that I have my PC.


I can do port forwarding to my webserver running on the PC and all works fine: external people can surf to http://MY_PUBLIC_IP and they see my web content.


I am trying to do a parallel configuration for a locally run Minecraft Server.  I have port forwarding on the DPC (port 25565 to 25565) forwards to my WRT's IP address, then the WRT has port forwarding from 25565 to my PC's internal IP address, port 25565.


But trying to connect to the Minecraft Server using the public IP address fails.  Trying to connect to it using "localhost" succeeds.

Any thoughts on what I can be trying next?  Or is this a known configuration that Rogers blocks?



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Re: Setting up a Minecraft Server

YOU will not be able to connect to the server, via the exernal address likely.
most of the rogers gateways, dont support loopback, so if you are inside the local network.. wont go out and back in.


External people SHOULD then be able to via the external IP.

(big warning though.. be warry unless you are on unlimited internet... or unless you plan on only having 1-2 people access your server.
i know someone, who's kids set up a mincraft server without him knowing.... had about 300g usage over the period of a week or so)