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Setting Up Home Theatre

I am struggling to set up my Sony DVD home theatre system (DAV-TZ520) with my Rogers high def box.


I am also trying to connect a PS3 and Wii.


My challenge seems to be that there is only one HDMI port on the home teatre receiver.


Any pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated......






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Re: Setting Up Home Theatre

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Re: Setting Up Home Theatre



Did you mean the SONY DAVTZ510? Weird that a SONY Home Theatre System Receiver would only have 1 HDMI connection; perhaps it is an older system?


As I didn't have much space in my bedroom, I ditched my really old SONY home theatre for a soundbar and subwoofer (HTCT550W) ... it came with 3 HDMI inputs.


You can try the "Sony Connection Guide" for pointers:


I have a WII as well, and since it is not in HI DEFINITION, I connected it directly to the TV using component cables.


You may also use componenent cables to hook up the cable  box, and reserve the HDMI for the PS3 if gaming is more important than watching TV.

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Re: Setting Up Home Theatre

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Re: Setting Up Home Theatre

Ya an HDMI switch is the best bet for you, like the one listed above or also.


I let my Denon Receiver do all the switching for me, the cool thing with that is any input that goes into it, goes out via HDMI to my TV.