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Service Availability

I've Been Around

I've tried calling Rogers to see if I'm able to get hispeed internet service, and it seems as if I can't due to my geographical location.


I am making this post so that I can be notified as to when I will be able to get services from Rogers; as they have the best deals, are the most honest about their prices, and have the most reliable service from my past experiences with them versus other providers which I am sadly forced to use now.


I'm in Clarence Creek, ON. I was told on the phone that Rockland can't even get services from Rogers.


I am asking for anyone with information pertaining to this issue to reply and help keep me updated. I am sick of dialup!!!


I would like to switch home phone service and add the Express package for hispeed internet. I am currently using Bell, and I want to tell them to shove it!


Thank you, have a great day!

-Good I Snipr



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Re: Service Availability

Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

Hi there Good_I_Snipr,


Welcome to Rogers community forums and thanks for the support!


Please send your full name and number where you can be reached to




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