Seriously stop throttling your service

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Re: Seriously stop throttling your service

@tekfu wrote:

So, I have the same issue - however I have a potential solution which may not work for all.

Since I work in I.T and have lots of techie friends who play this game also, we have found issues with Rogers DNS servers which is a part of the cause here. So in your TCP/IP settings

Try using these preferred DNS server enteries instead of leaving them blank - doing this cut my disconnects down by almost half.

DNS server 1 -
DNS server 2 -

After making these changes, disable then re-enable your network cards or wireless cards and see if it helps.

Let me know - would like to know how this works for other people on Rogers.


I have been told this by other online professionals that Rogers DNS service is really bad and using alternative DNS servers fixes other problems as well. P2P related problems. I would have to ask again to get exact details as it didn't make much difference to me at the time and then I tend to not store it on my mental HDD. For one item (not specifically related)  you get rid of the Rogers 404 error interception as they do not know what you are browsing. Other interception eliminations  may apply


It may be worth a try to see what the results are. If their DNS servers are not asked to find thing they may not lock into your traffic and make it harder to choke it down on you.




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Re: Seriously stop throttling your service

Rogers DNS servers go offline frequently.  If you have the ability to run your own caching DNS server at home, I suggest doing so.  You can buy a cheap system for under $100 pretty much anywhere, and run an old version of Linux on it, with DNS caching.  That resolves the issues when Rogers goes offline (which is at least once a week here, and shows up first as email not being able to hit the local server).


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Re: Seriously stop throttling your service; Deep Packet Inspection technology



there have been a number of postings on problems with Rogers DNS.  I began using Rogers about a year ago, and when I encountered problems, I immediately noticed that the Rogers DNS servers were nothing to write home about.  A number of alternatives have been suggested, some of which are listed above in earlier postings on this thread.  As  mentioned by Darkpaw, there are also technically more complex and costly solutions we can implement.  All of which begs the question of why Rogers is not providing reliable DNS service in the first place.


A more serious issue should be raised however, when it comes to throttling: that of the use of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) by Rogers and other ISP's.  What is DPI, and what impact does it have on me, the Rogers Internet user, you ask?  Well, surf on over to the following URL, where it is described in (sometimes mind-numbing) detail:


In particular, what DPI is, and how it is, or can be used, is detailed here:


It looks to me like DPI is a more sophisticated and powerful version of tapping our telephones.  The ISP's are trying to determine with whom we are communicating, what we are communicating, and the purpose of our communications.


DPI obviously, as admitted to by many in the industry, is the means by which ISP's attempt to determine what it is that you and I are doing with the Internet.  Its uses are many, and many of those uses would be considered as benign, useful, even essential, to effective network management, as well as for the good of society.  Think of pursuing those who use the Internet for criminal purposes.  But like so many powerful tools, the use of DPI can have its darker side as well.  The URL's listed above mention a number of those, and how they might affect us, if and when used by ISP's.


So, what we need is an effective regulator, a CRTC with teeth, that can and will protect the rights and interests of the Internet user, commercial as well as private, from the abusers of powerful technological tools like DPI.




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Re: Seriously stop throttling your service

My kids have confirmed these facts with friends at Univesity. Rogers throttles unfairly at random. They can stop it. It is June and nothing has been done. So guess what month end we are switching and with the internet go our house line, or cable tv or 5 cell numbers. I strongly recommend Wind for the cell business and TekSavvy for internet. Firends of ours have swithced and are very happy.

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Re: Seriously stop throttling your service

So Rogers now has the dubious distinction of being the worst throttler in the world!