Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users

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Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users

Today I once again encountered the dreaded W35 Internet Connection drop on my  WIndows Vista laptop.  I sat there and stewed for a while, trying to document the problem.


Then my wife started up her WIndows XP laptop, across the table from me.  She, of course was trying to connect to the same W35, as I was connected to. Curiously, and very exasperatingly, she connected to the Internet with no problems!  Why, why was she, on Windows XP, able to connect to the Internet while I on Windows Vista was not able to connect????


I could not get out on the Internet.  Curiously, I could get to the web pages on the W35.  I tried a bunch of different things.  Then my wife went to bed, and I had the chance to try a few things on her Windows XP PC.


I won't bore you with the details, but the ultimate conclusion was that Windows Vista handles DHCP subtly differently than both Windows XP SP2+ and Windows 7 do.


You can get the details at the following Microsoft web URL:


Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address from certain routers or from certain non-Microsoft DHCP se...


Microsoft in this article begins their problem statement as follows:


Consider the following scenario:

  • You connect a Windows Vista-based computer to a network.
  • A router or other device that is configured as a Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) server is configured on the network.
  • The router or the other device does not support the DHCP BROADCAST flag.

In this scenario, Windows Vista cannot obtain an IP address.


Now, I don't know how the W35 treats the "DHCP BROADCAST flag".  All I know is that when I executed the command:


ipconfig /all


in the Windows Command Prompt, the IPv4 address listed for the wireless interface was appended by the text (preferred), and the IP address was different from the one that the W35 had provided it through DHCP.


Microsoft provides a "Microsoft FixIt" button partway into their article.  I clicked on the button, and a small procedure was down-loaded to my computer.  I executed this procedure.  I restarted my Vista computer.  And the DHCP problem seems to have been corrected.


After I restarted my Vista computer I could now connect to the Internet.  I had not restarted or power-cycled the RocketHub!


I am not sure that this will correct all of my Internet Disconnect problems.  I am cautious and waiting to see how this helps.


I do advise all W35 users who are running Windows Vista to investigate the above Microsoft URL and to apply the Microsoft FixIt procedure.  It could reduce the number of Internet Disconnects you are experiencing.


I advise you to do this because this procedure makes the DHCP in Vista function the same way that it functions in both Windows XP SP2+ and WIndows 7.  It is a well-known fact that Windows Vista is a crock, and caused Microsoft lots of grief.


Use this in good health.  Let's hear about your comments and experiences.





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Re: Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users

SERIOUSLY and honestly, Vista and windows seven suck **bleep**... I have not found a need to upgrade from windows XP.. and have no issues .. whereas my son with a win 7 install.. 3 weeks of trouble shooting on a brand new $2000 gaming rig...and his computer doesn't even boot now!

My complaint is that I can't play Enemy Territory @ 12 midnight without the lag of dial up.. I can play world of warcraft no issues... my 20 DB antenna should be in tomorrow will let you guys know how it affects my life... pointing it at a 1900 tower instead of a 850 one... 




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Re: Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users; Update

The original posting at the beginning of this Topic described a solution I had found for the unrecoverable Internet Disconnect problems which I had been experiencing with the Rogers RocketHub Ericsson W35.


Note that this problem, and the solution apply only to those running Windows Vista.


This fix changes the way that Vista handles DHCP which is normally used between the W35 and your computer to set up the Internet connection address parameters.


It has now been more than a week since I implemented this fix.  I am very happy to announce that since Sunday Dec. 5 (which by the way was St. Nicholas Eve, as those of Dutch extraction will probably know), I have had NO unrecoverable Internet Disconnects.  Thank you, St. Nick!


I am still noticing problems with the wireless network but that is a different but still a serious problem.


So, for those of you with W35 'Hubs and WIndows Vista, this is a fix you should apply.




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Re: Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users; Another update

It is now January 16, 2011, and since implementing the Microsoft DHCP "fix" for WIndows Vista, I have not encountered any more Internet connection losses with our W35.




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Re: Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users; Update

Worked for me, thanks.  Too bad the Ericsson and Rogers sites don't advertise this.


I'm an Advisor
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Re: Serious Windows Vista DHCP issue affecting W35 RocketHub users; Update



you're very welcome.  Initially it took me more than six months of frustration to resolve this problem.  During that time I discussed the problem many times with Rogers support.  Not once did any of them even ask me what version of Windows I was using.  I discovered only by chance that my wife's Windows XP laptop did not have the problem that I encountered with Vista.  After that I stumbled across the Microsoft Knowledge Base article that provided the fix.


The MS KB article uses rather abstract technical language, but I was able to infer from it that this could be the solution to my problem: "...This issue occurs because of a difference in design between Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)...".


So the take away from this experience seems to be that we can't really depend on Rogers support to be effective in troubleshooting these kinds of problems.  In their defence, it should be pointed out that the problem was not really with the Rogers-provided device or their service.  However, I cannot help but think that this problem and its solution should have been more well-known by Rogers support staff.


And if any organization has egg on its face, in my opinion it is Microsoft.  Windows Vista is a really annoying product and I am about to update to Windows 7 just to be rid of it.




ps: it is now the end of May, and the problem has never reoccurred.