Serious Concern Over Rogers Service

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Serious Concern Over Rogers Service



I just want to bring to light a serious issue that my family and I am currently experiencing.


My family and I have 3 phones (2 basic + 1 smartphone) under a Rogers family plan. On the past Sunday, we called and spoke with a Rogers representative about adding a new phone for my daughter and we were promised a new plan with the purchase of an Iphone 4s. The representative promised us that this is only a one time deal and lasts only for the day. As the contract price seemed reasonable, we agreed to the purchase on the spot. 


The phone arrived quickly on this Thursday, and we were pleased with the purchase. However, when I logged onto our account today, we noticed that our shared data usage has been decreased 300 mb shared instead of 800, even lower than the original 500mb plan we had with just three phones!!!!!! It is not what we agreed to at all, and when we called Rogers, no one could give us an answer of what had happened; they kept insisting that there is no 800 mb data plan and that we will be needing to pay additional 50 dollars  to upgrade to 2Gb. Moreover, the different representatives/managers we spoke to either could not find out with certainty or gave us different monthly fee figures that we are expected to pay with the addition of the new phone. What is going on?!


I understand that phone conversations may sometimes be misleading; however, Rogers record all the calls through its centre, why can't the original call be traced to find out the service agreement? How can Rogers change our plan to an obviously different (and inferior) one without our permission? I have lost complete trust in the company - definitely am looking to move all our phones to another company if this incident does not solve with satisfaction.


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Re: Serious Concern Over Rogers Service

This sounds like your average rep screw up. 😞

Unfortunately your not going to be able to get much resolved through here. The reps here have minimal account capabilities.

Over the phone is really the only way. Make sure to talk to a manager, and even retentions as they often have more power to do overrides, than regular reps do to try and fix it.