Selling Old Phones

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Selling Old Phones

Do I need to do anything if I sell my old phone on Kijiji? Besodes remove the sim card? Do I need to advise Rogers?



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Re: Selling Old Phones

Hi @jeffreyj71


Thanks for posting on the Community Forums! Smiley Happy


You don't need to notify Rogers if you're looking to sell your device. Also would like to suggest you complete a full factory reset and double check no data or information is left on the device.


Any other tips from the Community? @Meowmix ?








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Re: Selling Old Phones

Hello @jeffreyj71

First and foremost i would do a factory reset on the device to make sure that all your personal information is out of the phone. Second i would call Rogers and have them remove the IMEI number from your device. This is a good thing to do just incase the next person that wants to buy it, can add the IMEI number on their account and get warranty or any troubleshooting they need done.

Other then that there is nothing else to do!