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Selling Old Phones

I Plan to Stick Around

Hi all!


Just wondering where you sell your old phones. I've got a new LG G4 I'm selling and I've posted on Kijiji but nobody is interested. I've seen a couple websites where you ship them a phone and they send back a cheque, but I'm not sure they're trustworthy.




Re: Selling Old Phones

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee
Hey @Evocative I only know of one website that does the whole "Buy your phone and send you a cheque" that is trustworthy, and they are for USA only.

Are you planning to do an upgrade anytime soon? other option you can always use, is use the device as a trade-in and get $$ off your upgrade. 🙂

Re: Selling Old Phones

I Plan to Stick Around



I do plan on doing an upgrade but the trade in value is only $150 which surprises me. The phone is in mint condition and this model was only released in June! Kijiji has them for about $400 but there's a ton of them on there.

Re: Selling Old Phones

Well, I would recommend $300 on kijiji to make a quick sale 😉 and still get more than trade in value.
but if no one bites, at least you have the trade in option... however, like technology always is, price drops the longer you wait.

Definitely understand wanting the best amount of $$ for your phone. Especially it being mint condition.

Hope this helps @Evocative (btw, you changed your name? TiffanyDyck before no?)
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