Screen freezes, with pixalation. All channels

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Screen freezes, with pixalation. All channels

Netbox PVR 22

Expolrer 8642HD


Every 5-10 minutes, screen freezes for a few seconds with pixalation and I can here the box making noises that is does not make when not freezing


Started about three weeks ago

Have done power disconnection and this does not solve


Any thoughts if it is a known software / hardware issue



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Re: Screen freezes, with pixalation. All channels

Hi @FreddyD,


Thank you for your patience. I can totally understand the frustration of your Netbox PVR freezing every 5-10 minutes for a few seconds. Is this something that happens on all channels? I'm concern with the fact there are noises coming from the box when this happens. This would indicate an issue with the internal hard drive, if the box is a rental I would recommend you take it to your nearest Rogers store location to have them exchange it for you. If the box is owned you could maybe try a factory reset before referring to warranty or repair.


* Keep in mind all recordings will no longer be available after any exchanges or factory reset of the Netbox PVR 22


Hope this helps,

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Re: Screen freezes, with pixalation. All channels

I am thinking the same thing.


I would GUESS the hard drive is faulty on it 😞

When you are even just watching LIVE TV, its always recording that channel a bit, to allow stop, FF, rewind, etc of the live tv.


My guess is there is a bad sector, etc on the drive.. every time it trys to write to that spot, the box has issues.