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Scamming texts

Twice in the last 24 hours I have recieved a spam-text. I do not enter my mobile number into random websites, and there should be no reason for these texts. The number it comes from is an international number, and I need information on how to prevent these texts from coming to my phone.


The text says "Your mobile number has been selected for 905,000 pounds in Nokia UK promo for claims send Name/Sex/Location via email or call +447011141058"


The text comes from "+233 200408455".


I tried calling the +44 number to find out who this was and how I got on their list, but the gentleman that answered said I had the wrong number. Doing a google search for either the originating number, the number in the text or the email address generates no hits.


Rogers, how do I find out who's sending me these scamming messages, and how do I stop them?


Thanks, Sandra G.


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Re: Scamming texts

Hi Sanderella,


I am not siding with or going against Roger's but if you think about it, anyone anywhere in the world can randomly come up with a number and it may very well happen to be yours, then they target you with an unsolitied SMS spam.  It's the same way telemarketers get your number, they have computers that randomly generate them or go through every possible combination, etc..     You can simply ignore the message, but if it persists, you can always  add the sender's number (not the number in the body of the message, but the one it appears to be sent from) to the block list on Rogers Extreme Text Messaging block list.

I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: Scamming texts

And, if the telemarker's number is marked 'unknown' then what option do I have to block them in the future. I have received three calls form the same telemarketing firm this past week. I hang up when I realize what the call is, and it is expensive, so they must be calling from international.

The only solution I have been able to think of is to change my number, but there is no guarantee that will prevent future calls either. Any solutions anyone?

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Resident Expert
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Re: Scamming texts

I gave you a solution for the Spam Text messages.
If you want to block unknown calls, you can subscribe to Call Manager service, and from within there, you can disallow private/withheld numbers from ringing on your phone. easy as pie.

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Re: Scamming texts

How do I set up blocker (Extreme Text Messaging) and how is it charged


Set Up

To block a number from being able to text message your phone:

1. Using your iPhone or Android devices — go to to access the set up page.

Other smartphones and mobile phones — text XTREME to 4716 to be sent a link to the set up page or open your mobile browser to access the Rogers Mobile Internet Portal. Select My Account, then Extreme Text Messaging.

2. Select Text Blocker.
3. Select Block A Number.
4. Enter the 10-digit wireless number you would like to have blocked.
5. Click on Block Numbers.

To remove a number from your blocked list or to view the full list of numbers blocked:

1. Select Text Blocker.
2. Select Unblocked Numbers.
3. Click the box to the left of the number, removing it from your list.
4. Then hit Unblock Selected Numbers.

Cost: No charge.

I'm Here A Lot
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Re: Scamming texts

I've Been Around
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Re: Scamming texts

This works only for 10 digit numbers. I am received SMS/Text Message spam from a number that is NOT 10-digits.


Rogers: why the restriction to 10 digit numbers?


All: Any idea on how to block non-10 digit numbers?

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