Saskatchewan Cell Coverage

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Re: Saskatchewan Cell Coverage

It's 2014, if you look on Rogers' Coverage Map, Rogers now has 3G/HSPA service in nearly all of their territory from coast to coast and quickly building out LTE which uses a much higher frequency (and harder to penetrate into buildings, past trees) than regular GSM/3G. Why is it that after so many years of even Manitoba having 3G now, Rogers still has forgotten about Saskatchewan completely? Why are they buying spectrum in wireless auctions when they are obviously not going to use it. 


I SHOULDN'T HAVE TO by a prepaid Telus/Bell/etc SIM just so I can visit Saskatchewan and use data at rates faster than 10kbps. Saskatchewan is one of the hottest oil regions on the continent right now so you would think that Rogers would be spending "tens of millions of dollars" in expansions and upgrades, like they are in Alberta and elsewhere in Canada. 


It's time for Rogers to pull a Northern Ontario and completely leave the Saskatchewan cellphone industry, sell off their limited customer base to SaskTel, allowing Rogers customers to finally be able to make a call in places like Carlyle, stream internet radio from Moosomin to Regina and if driving through Saskatchewan as a passenger, have less boring trips driving through Saskatchean (though it's one of the most beautiful places on earth).


I recall hearing rumours of Rogers expansion in eastern Saskatchewan a year or two back, but that was obviously a lie.