Samsung S3 tethering not working

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Samsung S3 tethering not working

I'm trying to tether my Samsung SIII to an Asus Transformer without a data plan. The two devices connect, but the internet connection does not work either using Wifi or Bluetooth.


From looking at other threads and forums, this looks like a problem with the APN settings. I've tried the two that come with the phone, and neither seems to work.


The data plan is one for a blackberry that has been moved over to the S3, and currently has 1GB of data allocated.


Any ideas?




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Re: Samsung S3 tethering not working

Hi benmoreassynt.

Are you able to turn on the tethering mode at all on your SIII or there are no such option that you can enable?

If you can provide a little more details, I can surely help with this.


RogersEric 😃
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Re: Samsung S3 tethering not working

Hi guys.
I'm having the same issues with my SIII and a Galaxy Note 10.1. It connects but no joy on the net? No idea how to check the AP settings and what they should be set to? Would be nice to have like a step by step guide to this issue even like a YouTube video.
Help any one.